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Wladimir Klitschko Appeals Again For World To Stop Putin Attacks

Wladimir Klitschko Appeals Again For World To Stop Putin Attacks

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Wladimir Klitschko Appeals Again For World To Stop Putin Attacks

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Wladimir Klitschko Appeals Again For World To Stop Putin Attacks

With the Russian invasion of Southern neighboring country Ukraine now a month old, one of the most prominent figures in that country, former Undisputed Heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko, again took to social media begging for the attacks to end.

Specifically, Klitschko, who turned 46 years old on Friday, wants the world to band together to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin with economic and even, military pressure to end their month long night mare,

“It’s been a month since Putin launched his special military operation. That was supposed to last two days. This illegal and criminal aggression has shocked the world. But we stand firm,” Klitschko said.

“We know what we are fighting for. We don’t want to live as slaves of one mad-man tyranny. We resist, but we suffer. All normal life is gone. Many lives have been taken because the invading army is deliberately targets civilians to compensate for it’s failure to gain ground.

Make no mistake Ukraine is not a battlefield. It is a crime scene….Dear friends of Ukraine: every day that passes is harder than the day before. We lack everything. Please keep helping us with food medicine and with weapons. Stop doing business with Putin’s Russia, because every dollar spent buys them ammunition. Stop your energy imports from Russia because every drop of oil spills a drop of blood….

Now, we are all Ukrainians. Let’s defeat tyranny together. If we lose, you will be next…Glory to Ukraine,” the video message concluded.”

The impassioned pleas have continued from Klitschko and his brother Vitali, whom also once held a portion of the Heavyweight title and is the mayor of the capital city of Kiev. The brothers have been prominently leading in their country and constantly, giving updates to the media about Russia’s attack on numerous cities in the country of 40 million people.

There have been thousands of Ukranians seriously injured or killed and while the capital is still mostly in tact, there are several cities that have most, if not all of their infrastructure demolished by Russian bombs, rockets and tanks firing on their buildings and roads. Approximately 10 million people have fled the country to neighboring Poland or other countries for safety.

The pressure continues from the NATO alliance for Putin to end his attacks, but so far, that hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile, Klitschko’s latest plea comes on the heals of the government agreeing to let current Unified Heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk leave the civilian militia that was instituted to prepare to fight his rematch with England Anthony Joshua this Summer.

Usyk is being given an exception by the government that is available to other males between 18-60 that are married and have at least two children and want to evacuate with their families.

Another prominent Ukrainian star, Vasiliy Lomachenko, doesn’t have that exemption and has chosen on his own to stay in Ukraine and be available, if needed to fight the Russians. He was in talks to battle Australian George Kambosos this June to try to regain the Undisputed Lightweight titles he once held. But, that is on hold for him, and it looks like Kambosos will fight someone else in the Summer.

He’s waiting. The Klitschko’s and everyone else are waiting for the conflict to end, but that doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon.

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