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DAZN’s Sergio Mora- Ryder Can Make Things Interesting vs. Canelo

DAZN's Sergio Mora- Ryder Can Make Things Interesting vs. Canelo

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DAZN’s Sergio Mora- Ryder Can Make Things Interesting vs. Canelo

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DAZN’s Sergio Mora- Ryder Can Make Things Interesting vs. Canelo

Canelo Alvarez is a massive favorite going into his undisputed super middleweight title defense against John Ryder, but fight analyst Sergio Mora thinks the bout will be more interesting than people are expecting.

Alvarez and Ryder will collide inside Estadio Akron in Guadalajara, Mexico this Saturday night (May 6). Ryder earned this opportunity after going on a four-fight winning streak. In that span, he defeated Daniel Jacobs via split decision and captured the interim WBO super middleweight championship by defeating Zach Parker via corner retirement.

Current DAZN Boxing color commentator and former world champion Sergio Mora joined us on the Big Fight Weekend Podcast, and he discussed how Ryder can keep Canelo honest in their title fight. Hear more from him by clicking below,

“He’s gonna keep it interesting because he’s a physical fighter,” Mora said. “He’s a southpaw, very strong, natural super middleweight. These are all things that you have to respect. This is the main thing I’m gonna be focusing on: the fact that John Ryder’s riding momentum, the two biggest wins of his career,” Mora told BFW.

“He beat an undefeated fighter in Zach Parker. He beat, whether you think he won or not, he got the win versus Daniel Jacobs, a man that I’m familiar with. I know how big, how strong, and powerful he is. John Ryder was able to back him up. That means that Ryder’s really strong from the southpaw stance. He’s got good timing.”

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Mora went on to say that while there are very few tricks that Canelo Alvarez hasn’t already seen, he thinks the toughness of Ryder will help him last longer than some might be anticipating.

“Canelo’s faced it all,” Mora said. “So, I’m not gonna make a case for Ryder winning this fight because it’ll be lunacy. What I can tell you is that he’s gonna make a case for making a tough and difficult fight for Canelo for however long it lasts. I don’t think it goes the distance, but I do think it goes into the second half of the fight.”

We’re all about to find out.

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