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McKinson drops an open challenge to all welterweights

McKinson On Reschedule- 'Extra Three Weeks Are Bonus'


McKinson drops an open challenge to all welterweights

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McKinson drops an open challenge to all welterweights

World-ranked Michael McKinson has laid down an open invitation to all welterweights to challenge him.

“The Problem” (16-0, 2 KOs) is ranked by both the WBC and the WBO and as he prepares to shine again on the #MTKFightNight in Brentwood on July 20 – live on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank, is calling for a genuine test of his talent.

McKinson said in a press release: “These welterweights know who I am but they don’t want to mention my name so here’s a message for them: I’m not here to play games. Let’s have it.

“I’m ready for all of them. They don’t call me ‘The Problem’ for no reason. I humiliate fighters and they all have a good, good chance of losing against me so I understand why they hide from me.

“I believe I’m one of the most underrated fighters out there. I’ve had four title fights in which I was doubted and expected to lose. I beat them and not only beat them but beat them in style.

“I deserve more recognition at this stage of my career. I’m hunting for big names now so I’ll jump at the opportunity to fight anyone worth my while. I’d love to fight Conor Benn but I know he doesn’t want it.

“I’m ranked by the WBC and the WBO and if it means I have to fight foreign fighters because nobody in the UK will step up, I’ll go whatever route pushes my rankings up.”

McKinson was last seen defending his WBC Int. Silver title with a stylish and clinical victory over the hard-punching Ryan Kelly.

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