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Sosoye Ready To Battle Chua In Thunderdome


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Sosoye Ready To Battle Chua In Thunderdome

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Sosoye Ready To Battle Chua In Thunderdome

February 26th will mark the date of the return of an Australian institution, The THUNDERDOME boxing series based out of Metro City in Perth, Western Australia.

The headline fight in the works is a planned WBA Regional Super Featherweight Championship contest featuring two workhorses, Kazeem “The African Dream” Sosoye (3-0) and “The Removalist” Francis Chua (7-1-1).

Chua is most known for his Upset of the year victory over World #2 at the time Kye Mackenzie. The pair had a rematch with most observers believing Chua got the raw end of the decision.

Chua is Australia’s boogeyman of the Super Featherweight and Lightweight divisions, the only man willing to face him is prospect Kazeem “The African Dream”

Sosoyegave his thoughts on the upcoming title clash

“My thoughts on the fight is to accomplish a Victory over Opponent by any means necessary and become a winner which is always my aim towards the hard work I put in my career as a professional boxer so to make my dreams come true someday, Insha Allah.

Training is going good but then hectic with so much effort and hard work because nothing comes easy! I have got a great coach on my side keeping me going every now and then, also my personal determination to push strong as made training a progressive aspect to my upcoming fight

My message to my opponent is to keep the energy! I am coming all out to break through any obstacles coming my way, I’m about to light up the show with a great fight, so let’s keep a good sportsmanship!

Thank you to Tony Tolj and Dragon Fire Boxing for making this all possible, which is very difficult during covid times.

My message to fans is, It’s never a disappointing moment rather a great performance to prove myself as the best in my division Keep the positive energy as Fans love coming for me as usual and I promise not to let you all down! Am here to entertain everyone with a great fight and make you believe I am here to stay and the future champion of the World.”

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Marquis Johns is a unknown humorist and avid boxing fan. His love for the sweet science goes back to when matches were 15 rounds and has been covering fights since closed-circuit pay-per-views. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth is not only a quote by Mike Tyson, it's also a pretty good reminder to keep your guard up.

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