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John Hennigan Destroys Harley Morenstein With One Punch KO (Video)

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John Hennigan Destroys Harley Morenstein With One Punch KO (Video)

Photo Credit:Joseph Correa / Frontproof Media

John Hennigan Destroys Harley Morenstein With One Punch KO (Video)

Former WWE star John Hennigan scored a brutal one punch knockout victory over Harley Morenstein at Creator Clash 2.

The Creator Clash 2 event was a smash, and although all of the participants had fans in attendance, there were only a few fights that people were really interested in seeing. One of them was former WWE star John Hennigan facing the co-founder of Epic Meal Time, Harley Morenstein. This one has been brewing up from the start as Morenstein was talking smack while Hennigan recorded a Morenstein diss track and shot a video for it. It was wildly entertaining, and both men took this fight seriously regarding their preparation.

The ring entrances were memorable and got the crowd hyped. Hennigan was introduced by legendary WWE Hall of Famer ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, who got a pop from those who grew up in the 80s. Morenstein entered through the crowd with a bulletproof vest and a cigarette in his mouth. The crowd went absolutely nuts as the much-anticipated fight was finally here.

When the bell rang, one fighter looked twice as prepared as the other, and that was Hennigan. He jumped on Morenstein quickly, surprising the co-founder of Epic Meal Time. While Hennigan kept landing these huge overhand rights, Morenstein couldn’t get going and was getting hit with everything but the kitchen sink. One of those right hands by Hennigan landed and sent Morenstein flying through the ropes, ala Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith. Morenstein ended up on the official’s table and got back into the ring by the count of ten.

Harley Morenstein went through the ropes on Creator Clash 2. Photo Credit:Joseph Correa / Frontproof Media

Hennigan landed a big overhand right in the second round sending Morenstein down for another knockdown, and the end seemed to be getting near at that time. Morenstein survived the round, but in the third, Hennigan landed a looping right hand that sent Morenstein down hard, and he would not get up to beat the count. The knockout victory will likely live on the internet for a while or at least until the next Creator Clash.

After the fight, Hennigan called out Jake and Logan Paul to a fight and even threw KSI’s name into the mix. He leaned more toward the KSI fight, as Misfits Boxing has a deal with DAZN and will have more events booked in the future. “When I’m thinking about who to call out, Jake [Paul]? Logan [Paul]? No, Jake got beat, Logan got beat by KSI, which is why I’m going to put KSI on blast right now.” Hennigan went into wrestling promo mode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lands a fight like that, as he is a popular wrestling star with the type of personality that will sell an event.

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