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How Kownacki will look to impress Saturday night

Adam Kownacki On July Return- "Demirezen Has All My Attention"

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How Kownacki will look to impress Saturday night

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How Kownacki will look to impress Saturday night

Unbeaten heavyweight Adam Kownacki headlines at Barclays Center for the second time on Saturday night and this foe might be an “easier out” than the first dude he handled as the featured pugilist in Brooklyn.

You might recall that Kownacki (20-0, 15 KO) had his hand raised in the “Borough of Kings” after 12 rounds of rumbling with the double-tough, multiple WBC title challenger turned rugged gate keeper, Chris Arreola. That was a good fight with fists flying at a record setting pace of punches in a heavyweight fight, with the Polish-born Long Island resident going 12 rounds for the first time.  Both fighters threw over 1,000 punches and Kownacki got the decision.

Now, the 30-year-old is slated for 12, or less, against Robert Helenius, a 36-year-old Swede. Many pundits are thinking the “or less” will be in play come Saturday. Does Kownacki put on a show with a brutal offensive onslaught or does Helenius summon up super powers, flip the script and refuse to lose?

Hear more on Kownacki headlining in the NYC on the Big Fight Weekend Podcast here:

I see Helenius as a “lamb led to the slaughter.” The Swede Helenius is past his prime, proven in part by his KO loss to Gerald Washington last July. Yes, that’s the same Gerald Washington that “AK Babyface” destroyed in two rounds, six months before in January 2019.

Now to Kownacki and his search for a KO.

I wondered about his mindset, before the collision. Does he expect to stop Helenius? His target is straight up and tall. That’s what I saw him offering to Washington, got him KO-ed and it should look tempting to Kownacki, too.

You can underestimate Kownacki’s skill and power at your peril, as he has an arsenal full of devastating weapons to get in your ass. But, Kownacki is his best, when he’s attacked.

Whatever you do, don’t blink!! The judges can beat the traffic, because I don’t see this fight going the distance.

I see pressure bursting Helenius and the speed difference kills, especially when Kownacki’s shots keep flying, and they start to snap, crackle, and pop way more than your Rice Krispy’s.

And boxing fans can rest assured, that Kownacki will look for just that and can expect a fan friendly firefight!

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