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Adrien Broner Keeps Things Interesting By Signing With Don King

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Adrien Broner Keeps Things Interesting By Signing With Don King

Adrien Broner Keeps Things Interesting By Signing With Don King

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner sends ripples through the boxing world by signing with legendary promoter Don King.

Boxing loves to stir the pot during these slow news weeks, and this morning was no different. Out comes a press release titled “World’s Greatest Boxing Promoter Don King Signs Exciting Superstar Bad Boy of Boxing, Adrien Broner; Four-Time World Champion Ready to Go Back to Work.” It’s too early in the year for the sport to pull these types of announcements that fall under the category of things you would never have believed would come true in 2023.

What’s impressive about all of this is that Don King is still in business even though some years ago, the fans and media thought he would never promote another fight again, but here we are. Don King has signed Adrien “The Problem” Broner, whose contract with BLK Prime was filled with postponements and opponent changes. Ultimately, Broner and BLK Prime parted ways, and he was once again a free agent. This is where Don King felt the need to scoop him up to make money off of Broner before he retires from the sport.

Oh wow! Adrien Broner and Don King.


In the press release, King had this to say “This phenomenal team-up of superstar “exciting” bad boy of boxing Adrien Broner and the world’s greatest boxing promoter, will give the people what they want–the best of boxing, and the best boxing excitement… capturing the imagination, the heart, and the mind, stimulating the boxing imagination’s begging the all-important question, when is the next event? Adrien is ready and excited to show his championship skills once again for the delight of the great boxing fans.”

Although this is a strange marriage, King will find a way to get Broner in a big fight or have him fight somewhere in the Middle East for someone else to pay big dollars to see him perform. But like Broner’s other fights, this move will likely have people tuning in just to see how it all plays out. The 91-year-old King proves he can still create headlines even at this stage of his career.

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