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Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs Express Confidence at Bizarre Press Conference

Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs Confident at Bizarre Presser

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Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs Express Confidence at Bizarre Press Conference

Photo credit: Don King Productions

Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs Express Confidence at Bizarre Press Conference

Adrien Broner (35-4-1, 24 KOs, 1 NC) and Blair Cobbs (16-1-1, 10 KOs) had one of the more stranger press conferences you will ever see, featuring a late arrival, a ventriloquist dummy, parrots and words too profane to be quoted.

The two men clash this Friday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL. Don King Productionsand The Heavyweight Factory are the two promoters involved in hosting the card being billed as “Fists of Fury.” Fight fans can catch the action live as a PPV on TrillerTV.

Whether the bout would actually ever happen had been put into question by a statement on one of the fight posters.Underneath the words Broner vs. Cobbs, the poster in question read “if Broner shows up.” Despite that, it does seem as though the clash will take place. Both fighters were (eventually) present for a final press conference to deliver statements ahead of their June 7 clash. Below is a breakdown of what happened and some of what both fighters had to say.

Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs confident at bizarre presser

Press Conference Recap

When the press conference began, Broner had not yet arrived. Promoter Don King delivered statements, as did several of the fighters taking part on this card. Eventually, it got to the point where everyone had spoken, and Broner had still not arrived. At this point, Cobbs rose to speak.

“Thank you everybody for showing up to this one,” he said. “This is going to be a very big attraction. Just in case you didn’t know who I am, it’s the great one, Blair the flair, the most exciting man in boxing. The limousine riding, the jet flying, the kiss wheeling dealing son of a gun. Wooo!”

Cobbs continued to speak, selling a fight with an opponent who was still not present. He then brought out a ventriloquist dummy that “spoke” on behalf of Broner. Following that bit, King and Cobbs took questions from the media present, in the midst of which Broner finally appeared.

“I wanna thank everyone for showing up,” said Broner. “I apologize for being late, but like I tell everybody else, y’all can’t fight for me. Y’all ain’t gonna lose this weight for me and y’all damn sure ain’t gonna run your mouth for me. So I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doingSo what I’m trying to tell y’all is I had to get my work done before I talk shit.”

Broner continued speaking at the podium before sitting down to answer questions from the media. Before long, he got into a verbal altercation with Cobbs regarding weight and briefly took his shirt off. A few minutes later, Cobbs had two parrots brought to his table and spoke about bringing “birds to the attraction.” The remainder of the press conference saw both men continue to express their confidence before coming to an end.

Broner vs. Cobbs Fight Prediction

Although Cobbs has been out of the ring for nearly two years, it has been a long time since Broner has had an impressive showing. This feels like a fight “The Flair” should be winning easily. Broner’s punch output, particularly in his last couple of bouts, have been really low, and Cobbs should be able to take advantage of this. Expect a unanimous decision win for Cobbs.

Full Press Conference

For the entirety of the press conference in all of its bizarreness, click here or the play button below. Video courtesy of Don King Productions.

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