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No One Cares Amir Khan Received 2 Year Ban After Doping Violation

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No One Cares Amir Khan Received 2 Year Ban After Doping Violation

No One Cares Amir Khan Received 2 Year Ban After Doping Violation

Former unified junior welterweight champion Amir Khan received a 2 year ban after doping violation but does anyone really care at this point?

In the early morning hours here in the States but midday in the U.K., news broke out that former unified junior welterweight champion Amir Khan was banned for two years after a doping violation. This violation was part of tests taken after the Kell Brook fight in February 2022. That was over a year ago, and those reading the headlines or seeing the Sky Sports interview were puzzled about what took so long.

Boxing sure knows how to make themselves look bad and don’t even hide it. What makes it worse are the comments that Khan made to Sky Sports about what he thinks may have occurred. “I have no idea. It could be meeting people, shaking people’s hands. The amount of ostarine in my blood was 0.5, which is, say [in] an Olympic size swimming pool; it’s smaller than a grain of salt. I don’t know how it got into my system, maybe shaking hands, maybe sharing a drink with somebody. The results say it could not have changed my performance, and with the amount that was in my blood, it could not have made me any stronger or better. It was such a tiny amount which somehow got into the system.” Okay, Khan (eye wink), it got into your system by shaking someone’s hand? Some of the reasons listed have to be the most ridiculous reasons I have ever heard of.

Amir Khan did not help his situation by making those comments on Sky Sports earlier today.

Then I think back on all the other ridiculous excuses fighters have made; tainted meat, egg whites, ‘didn’t know what was in my shake,’ etc. We have heard so many of them that everyone is now numb to these situations. The problem is that it will take someone to die by someone taking PEDs for the sport to really take it seriously. I know that is an extreme case, but no one seems to care. The next headline will come along and Khan’s doping violation will become yesterday’s news. BOXXER, who was promoting Khan, quickly put this statement out. “BOXXER is disappointed to only learn via social media this morning that Amir Khan has been suspended from all sports following UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) rule violations. BOXXER is vehemently against any use of any illegal or performance-enhancing substances taken by athletes and condemns such unsporting behaviour. It goes against the very core of our company’s values. We will await further advice from all the relevant authorities.”

So what is this violation about? I hate to say what I’m about to say, but given we live in a world where the Kardashians do things to set up their next season, I have to think that Khan is doing the same. Only a few months back, a “first look” for the new season of Meet The Khans dropped two months ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this news is tied to either a new episode or a new season. That sounds like a reach, but is it? Again, I point to the Kardashians and their show on E!

My Three Cents

Boxing must be consistent regarding drug testing, but they won’t be as too many hands are in the cookie jar. Unless one day they decide to have a commission that governs all, as Teddy Atlas has suggested for years, we will continue to see PED violations being loosely handled. As far as Khan, I guess we will all look forward to seeing how he handles it in season four of Meet The Khans. 

Remember, don’t blame boxing — blame the boxing cheaters. Do you think Amir Khan’s legacy is tarnished beyond repair?

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