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Four Incredible Knockouts In Recent Boxing History


Four Incredible Knockouts In Recent Boxing History

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Four Incredible Knockouts In Recent Boxing History

Boxing may be called a blood sport by its detractors, but to its fans, its known as “the sweet science,” and for good reason. Power and aggression certainly play a role, but without a well-calculated game plan and the ability to stay cool under pressure, they will only take a fighter so far. But, one thing sets combat sports apart from others- knockouts.

This is why the sport has a massive following across the world, has enjoyed tremendous success with various media platforms, and has also gone so far as to inspire the creation of popular online slots, which can be found at all the best casinos that ironically some of the most famous fighters love to frequent.

Watching a battle between two champions can be like watching a chess game as they test and probe each others defences. Until it all comes together for that one spectacular moment that can dramatically change the outcome. With just one well-placed punch, the underdog can become the winner and change the course of the sport.

Here we look at our top 4 most incredible knockouts in recent boxing history! In our opinion at least.

4. George Foreman KO 10 Michael Moorer

The match was George Foremans attempt to become the oldest man to ever win a heavyweight title, and it looked doomed to failure. Micheal Moorers comparative youth showed, and his speed and composure had him well ahead of the plodding 46-year-old former champion on points with little over a minute left on the clock.

Then Foreman saw his chance and landed a straight punch that sent Moorer sprawling onto the canvas and kept him there for the count. To this day, George Foreman remains the oldest boxer to ever win a heavyweight title.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez KO 6 Manny Pacquiao

Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao had already met in the ring four times previously and appeared pretty evenly matched. Out of the total 36 rounds covered by these four matches, most were tied.

So, both fighters had something to prove. Pacquiao continued his usual attacking style, but this time round Marquez wasn’t content to time him and counterpunch and answered with equal aggression. Nevertheless, it seemed that by the 6th round, Pacquiao had the upper hand and Marquez a broken nose gushing blood. It looked like it was all over when, In literally the closing second of the round, Marquez landed a right hand that dropped Pacquiao and knocked him unconscious. See it here:

2. Mike Tyson KO 1 Michael Spinks

This is one fight that left a lot of pay-per-view customers wondering why they had chosen that second to blink. With both Spinks and Tyson boasting impressive records of 31-0, 21 KO and 34-0, 30 KO, the 1988 fight was one of the most hyped heavyweight title fights in history.

And it was over in just 91 seconds, with Tyson sending Spinks to the canvas not just once but twice in that short period. After the second knockdown, Spinks was out for the count.

1. Buster Douglas KO 10 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson also makes it to the number one spot in the incredible knockout lists, but this time he was on the receiving end. Tyson entered the Tokyo Dome as the reigning heavyweight champion, with 37 victories and no losses to his name. His opponent, James “Buster” Douglas, was a rank outsider, and considering that he was also recovering from the flu and the recent death of his mother, most pundits thought he would be lucky to survive the first round. But, Buster refused to be intimidated, was controlling the bout with his jab and hard right hands. Then, even though he was dropped in the eighth round, he beat the count and eventually, Douglas did the seemingly unthinkable, he landed a booming uppercut followed by a hard left on a staggered Tyson. It floored the champ in the tenth and Tyson couldn’t beat the count.

It remains the most stunning heavyweight upset and knockout ever. You can see the unbelievable KO again here:

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Michael is the CEO of Last Word On Sports INC and is happy to be involved with Big Fight Weekend. He is credentialed with several international governing bodies. He cites the Hagler-Leonard fight as his introduction to boxing--and what an introduction that was!

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