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Why Terence Crawford’s Main Argument Against Top Rank Isn’t Racism

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Why Terence Crawford’s Main Argument Against Top Rank Isn’t Racism

Why Terence Crawford’s Main Argument Against Top Rank Isn’t Racism

It’s drama outside of the ring on the latest edition of the “Big Fight Weekend Podcast.” This, as WBO World Welterweight champion Terence Crawford is suing former promoter, Bob Arum/Top Rank Boxing (happier times above) for monetary damages, while claiming “racial bias” against him among other charges. And, we are ready to go over all of it with a special guest joining us.

We welcome back Dan Lust of the Geragos Law Firm and the New York Law School to give his expert insight into the unbeaten Crawford’s filing this week in Nevada in Civil Court. Isn’t Crawford’s real motivation here to get a hefty financial settlement? Lust believes so.

You can hear the full conversation by clicking below:

“What I can tell you…the ‘gist’ of what we are getting is this a breach of contract case. And it’s a breach of contract case shrouded in some really messy racial allegations,” Lust told us.

“At the heart of this case is breach of contract. At least my initial gut reaction is …and I don’t know this to be fact…Crawford and his people said, “hey, settle up with us or we’re gonna draft a really ugly complaint against you…Obviously, Arum has since responded with his own statement, but my sense is this is a really ugly complaint. And, if you had given kinda a ‘warning shot,’ maybe had a little bit of leverage, settle with us, it won’t come out. But, at some point someone’s gotta blink and fire the first shot and Crawford did it.”

As we wrote on Thursday, the 90 year old Arum responded to the 34 year old Crawford’s suit filed in Nevada Clark County court,

“Bud Crawford’s lawsuit against Top Rank is frivolous,” Arum said in a statement given to World Boxing News. “His vile accusations of racism are reckless and indefensible. He knows it, and his lawyer knows it. I have spent my entire working life as a champion of Black boxers, Latino boxers, and other boxers of color. I have no doubt the court will see Crawford’s case for the malicious extortion attempt that it is.” 

Crawford’s multi-year extension with Top Rank ended last November with his win by TKO over former WBC World Welterweight Champ, Shawn Porter. Crawford’s lawyers relayed in the court filing that he was paid $6 million guaranteed for the Crawford fight that ESPN offered on PPV.

He is now a promotional free agent.

On the podcast there is plenty debate about the “racism” allegations and how that will be much harder to prove. I.E. Crawford would likely have to demonstrate that Arum was somehow punishing or short changing him, while rewarding white fighters with better deals or contracts during the same time.

Meanwhile, the “breach of contract” argument would seem to be much simpler and easier to document.

Lust, who also hosts his own “Conduct Detrimental” Podcast and has the corresponding website about sports law, gives us a lot more insight into how long this lawsuit may drag out or what’s his read on a possible dismissal or settlement in the case?

Worth the listen.

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