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WBC offering a price cut once boxing continues

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WBC offering a price cut once boxing continues

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WBC offering a price cut once boxing continues

One of the many issues when boxing comes back is how slice of the pie will everyone be getting. The World Boxing Council (WBC) is doing their part in facing the new reality for th etime being.

In a virtual meeting held this past Tuesday, WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán stated that  the sanctioning body is willing to make multiple concessions, including lowering their sanction quotas, so that boxing can relaunch after the contingency that has hit it to boxing and multiple sports around the world.

“I feel like there is going to be an effect that we all have to participate in,” said Sulaiman. “It will be necessary to have flexibility, make adjustments to what situations are coupling, adjust rates (…). What I directly announce is that we are going to have all the flexibility, the sanction quotas will go down and we will try to cut expenses for everyone.

The cuts and concessions is something that we expect the rest of the alphabet sanctioning bodies to follow suit. The main reason for  this is because the current state of boxing returning is going to be without any fans for any gate revenue so far in North America and the United Kingdom currently.

The meeting also spoke about the status of mandatory bouts currently setup and mentioned that those bouts will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

“We are going to see case by case, for example, José Ramírez was going to defend the Superlight title against Viktor Postol. It was going to be in China in February and it was suspended, then it was going to be in California in May and it was suspended. Today Postol is in Ukraine, and if he cannot travel, we cannot hurt Ramírez, it is not that this is a fact, but we are going to see case by case ”, Sulaimán stated.

The final key note from the meeting to keep an eye out for is any upcoming fights that are to be sanctioned by the WBC may have champions over weight limits without any penalization.

“It is a very important point, no one is training in high performance for obvious reasons. This time everything is possible, it would be of little criterion not to have the opening, when we are all living something unexpected ”, noted Sulaimán.


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