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WBC and VADA launch Women’s Clean Boxing Program

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WBC and VADA launch Women’s Clean Boxing Program

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WBC and VADA launch Women’s Clean Boxing Program

The World Boxing Council (WBC) announced on Monday that them and VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) would once again join forces, by starting the Clean Boxing Program for female boxing as of June 1st.

The WBC will become the first organization to implement mandatory anti-doping tests in all championship fights since 1975, in a mission in being a leader in boxing and all sports, putting safety at the paramount top of its priority.

The Clean Boxing Program (CBP) was planned, designed and developed with countless hours of hard work and dedication, among many caring and visionary members of the WBC and VADA. It`s divided into three main objectives:

– Prevention: To educate, warn, and appraise boxers about the terrible and very real dangers of banned substances and the terrible effects they wreak. This is done through tutorials, web seminars, and forums.

– Random tests out of competition

– Voluntary registration for fighters

The program that began in September 2016 was first applied to men. Today is extended to women because the WBC and VADA seek to protect and safeguard all the athletes of our beloved sport.

From June 1st onwards, world champions and the first five ranked fighters in all 16 divisions must enroll in CBP within the next 90 days, understanding that at the end of this period, those who`ve not registered with the Program must leave the WBC rankings.

The Clean Boxing program is now a reality, and through the exemplary participation of most members of the boxing community, it`s proved a great success. We want to thank, recognize and applaud the commitment shown by most of the promoters, managers and especially the boxers because it`s due to them that this initiative works in a fair, honest and exemplary way.

This measure is a step in the right direction as with more testing will ensure boxing for women’s championship bouts will go through the process of drug testing for WBC sanctioned bouts.

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