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Subriel Matias Stops Jukembayev In Eight

Subriel Matias Stops Jukembayev In Eight

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Subriel Matias Stops Jukembayev In Eight


Subriel Matias Stops Jukembayev In Eight

Subriel Matias and Batyrzhan Jukembayev slugged it out on Showtime in an entertaining co-main event broke out from the Dignity Health Sports Complex from Carson, California, as Matias was able to come out with an eighth-round stoppage.

The corner for Jukembayev stopped this fight after they ruled too much punishment was sustained by the accumulation of punches.

This fight from the opening bell was a firefight as both made it a fun one in the ring. Unfortunately, many felt that this fight would’ve stolen the show of the broadcast, and this one may have done just that as of this writing.

The left hook set up by a right sent down Jukenbayev in the fourth round, and once he beat the referee’s ten count was on the defensive the rest of that round, as Matias was walking him down. In that fourth round, he landed 34 punches compared to only 12 of Jukenbayev. In the fifth round, Jukenbayev started strong but was once again stuck, having to fend off Matias’s onslaught and volume punching.

The second half of the fight seemed to be more like Matias until the end of the seventh round when Jukenbayev landed a right that staggered Matais to close the round out. It was an incredible sequence as it looked like Jukenbayev was only stopped by the ring bell at a possible knockdown. However, once the start of the eighth and last round started, a left from Jukenbayev that landed looked slow Matias down for a moment as he still pressed on.

At the end of the eighth round, Manny Robles, trainer for Jukenbayev, decided to end the night as he had seen enough, and Matias improves to 17-1. Matias is a machine in the ring and has been on a tear in his past few fights.

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