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Ryan Garcia to Golden Boy- ‘I did my Job’

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Ryan Garcia to Golden Boy- ‘I did my Job’

Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

Ryan Garcia to Golden Boy- ‘I did my Job’

Ryan Garcia was scheduled to take on Avery Sparrow in the lightweight co-main event Saturday night on DAZN. While Garcia made the weigh-in Friday, Sparrow was arrested by US Marshals originating from a gun incident in Apri back in Philadephia.

Garcia was then offered a replacement in Romero Duno, who was slated to fight the opening fight on the main card Saturday night. Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez said that Garcia had turned it down.

This statement didn’t sit well with Garcia, who took to social media to air out his frustrations about the situation and his side of the story.

Garcia started with a simple tweet, “I did my job.”

Garcia continued on Twitter, “You’ll (Golden Boy Promotions) do anything to make the blame on me! I had no clue Avery had a warrant! He got arrested! The card in Risk bc I sold and got the viewers, remember when I didn’t have value! Now a bullshit story comes out that I’m scared of duno! Peanuts I’ve been given and guess what…I will continue to get peanuts, even tho I move cards I put people in seats, crazy how I get treated f*** that tell the truth.”

Gomez retreated off his earlier statement that Garcia himself turned down the fight with Duno and clarified  in a tweet that it was his camp that had said no:

“I want to clarify my previous quote, Team Garcia, not Ryan Garcia, declined the Duno fight since The Trainer believed Duno was a tough opponent to take on 24 hour notice without proper preparation.”

The 24-hour notice in terms of turnaround time is something that Sergio Mora agreed with on the opening moments of the DAZN broadcast of Devin Haney taking on Zaur Abdullaev.

Garcia, however, wasn’t having Chris Mannix relaying his reporting on the story.

Nor was he having the clarification from Gomez.

Garcia is mad at the situation and the spin that Golden Boy is putting on it, making it seem he’s “ducking” fighters. We’ll see once the smoke clears, if there is a fight in the works for Garcia on Saturday announced.

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