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Miller explains latest positive drug test

Dillian Whyte Out- Now Jarrell Miller In For Anthony Joshua August Fight?

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Miller explains latest positive drug test

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Miller explains latest positive drug test

Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, fresh off his latest positive test for PEDs, decided to get out in front of it and has came out to give his side of the story.

The 31-year-old Miller (23-0-1, 20 KOs) was scheduled to take on Jerry Forrest July 9 on an upcoming Top Rank card in Vegas before testing positive for GW1516 through a urine test administered by VADA. And, that means the undefeated heavyweight for the second time in thirteen months will not be in action.

“I have never, ever willingly taken a steroid for performance-enhancing purposes,” Miller told Jeremy C. Herriges of the Fight Network. “Did I take something for healing properties, for injuries? Yes, I have. But to win a fight and during a training camp? No, I have never done that.

“Nobody can be more outraged [of the allegations] than me. I’m the one that’s lost millions of dollars. I’m the one that’s had his career on the line. … But I have to think about it with a straight mind. I have to figure it out. Sit down with my team. Get everything in order and get everything done in the right way … It’s sad. I’m angry about it, but like I said, there is an explanation for it, and me and my legal team are working on it.”

If you have followed Miller and his conversations after being caught with PEDs that are banned in Olympic competition like GW1516, this script he gave to Fight Network is pretty much the same one Miller gave when he was popped prior to his heavyweight contest against Anthony Joshua last year.

How much so? This is what Miller said on his Instagram account in a video before he deleted the account last year after the positive test to Joshua:

“I messed up, I messed up, I made a bad call. A lot of ways to handle the situation, I handled it wrongly and I’m paying the price for it. Missed out on a big opportunity and I’m hurting on the inside.”

“My heart is bleeding right now. I hurt my family, my friends, my team, my supporters, but I’m owning up to it. I’m going to deal with it, I’m going to correct it. I’m going to come back better and I’m humbled by the experience to understand how to handle certain things and I’m going to leave it at that.”

Some things never change, I guess.

What happens from here with Miller in boxing is anyone’s guess but the safe bet is he will be gone from boxing for a while. Many are calling for a lifetime ban and Miller doesn’t think he should receive that.

“I should not be banned [for life],” said Miller to Fight Network. “I’m prepared to accept my suspension and be willing to do my monthly testing [during] my suspension, but to be banned for life? You’re out of your mind … I’ve done my research and homework to do my best to not make this happen, and all I can do is apologize to Bob Arum, apologize to Jay [Prince] But at the same time, I did do my homework. I did put my best foot forward. I did let VADA know of certain circumstances. I did my part as a human being and as a fighter.”

I don’t think Miller will get the ban hammer from boxing, as it would set a precedent, but mainly as promoter Lou DiBella said to Boxingscene on Sunday, was because he wasn’t suspended the last time around.

“The first time he tested positive, he wasn’t in boxing,” DiBella said to Boxingscene. “The time he tested positive for everything [before the Joshua fight], no one suspended him. So, I think it’s gonna get into legalities, also.”

After Miller was caught before the Joshua fight, he just pretty much was shadow banned and just sat out for six months before signing with Top Rank this year. Miller hasn’t officially received his boxing license to fight in his home state of New York and after this test in Nevada. When Miller will get that time will tell, but it wouldn’t hold your breath to wait on it.

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