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Fury Not Bothered Dillian Whyte Skipped Tuesday Media Workout

Fury Not Bothered Dillian Whyte Skipped Tuesday Media Workout

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Fury Not Bothered Dillian Whyte Skipped Tuesday Media Workout

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Fury Not Bothered Dillian Whyte Skipped Tuesday Media Workout

On Tuesday afternoon in London WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury took part in the media workout session in advance of his Saturday night title defense against countryman Dillian Whyte. And, once again, Fury was only of the two participants for the title fight to show up for the press.

Still, that didn’t bother the “Gypsy King,” who’s basically sold the promotional angles of the bout himself for the last two months anyway. As Fury told BT Sport television, it didn’t matter to him that he participated in the media opportunity, while Whyte, again, did not.

“I can’t wait. It’s what I’ve been building up for me (sic) whole career,” Fury said Tuesday. “I’ve had to go to America and conquer America and take over Las Vegas. And now, I’m back. It’s been a long, long fight journey. And, I’m back to celebrate with all me (sic) fans- me homecoming. And, this is it. Don’t miss it.”

When asked about Whyte, who did participate in a video press session with the media late last week in his first promotional involvement for the bout, Fury took the opportunity to dig at his opponent again outside the ring.

“I’ve seen lots of Dillian Whyte before. We’ll see what tomorrow (final press conference) will bring…. I’m sure he’s got stuff he wants to say. I’ve always got a bit to say, as we all know…. On this stage, it doesn’t really matter what Dillian Whyte says or what I say. It’s gonna be a fight anyway….We’re both in good form, good spirits. It’s gonna be a great night around here.”

Clearly, Whyte was still unwilling to be at the press event and show off some shadow boxing, etc. in the make shift ring set up to help “sell” the fight to the public some more. This is especially, for the anticipated hundreds of thousands in the U.K., who will buy the fight on their PPV retailing for about $32 U.S. dollars.

But, as we’ve written, Whyte was still busy pouting privately about the purse split for his title shot with Fury, where he will make about four times less than the champ guaranteed for the bout. So much so, that Whyte refused to attend to the kickoff press conference for the bout at Wembley Stadium back on March 1st.

Yet, Fury’s personality and the fact that this will be his first ever title defense in his home region has driven the interest and the ticket sales to over 90,000 for the event.

Now, it’s fully expected that the challenger will participate with the media at the contractually mandatory final presser on Wednesday afternoon. And, that Fury will obviously “needle him” about all things, including having not shown up/helped before, etc.

Then again, Whyte could add to the controversy (however unlikely) and no-show again on Wednesday.

Then, it will be a much bigger sub-plot to the heavyweight title showdown.

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