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Caleb Plant Not Impressed By Latest Canelo Win

Caleb Plant- "Being Undisputed Will Cement My Name"

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Caleb Plant Not Impressed By Latest Canelo Win

Stephanie Trapp/PBC

Caleb Plant Not Impressed By Latest Canelo Win

Add Caleb Plant to the list of people that didn’t think Canelo Alvarez’s win against Callum Smith was impressive.

The Undefeated IBF champion Plant (20-0, 12 KOs), speaking with “Ak & Barak Show” on DAZN and SiriusXM this Monday, stated he didn’t see anything overly interesting in Canelo’s wide-decision win that took place in December to become a four-division weight champion.

“I wasn’t overly impressed,” Plant told co-hosts, Barak Bess and Akin Reyes. “I didn’t really see him do something where I was like, ‘Wow! This is, you know, something I haven’t seen or new elements to his game.’ … And for the most part, too, I just felt like Callum went from rope to rope, from corner to corner. You know, you can call it commendable that he got in there and fought him.

But at no point did he really fight Canelo. He got in there, and the bell rang, and he stayed alive for 12 rounds. But I don’t feel like he ever really put it all out there and really went out on his shield.”

Plant assessment of “staying alive” could be heard by blow-by-blow Brian Kenny said in the fight the last few rounds of the fight as he thought Callum Smith’s corner should end the contest.

Plant mentioned how he felt Smith once he got hit by Canelo, was not willing to engage in the fight that they were in 

“I mean, everybody gets hit with body shots,” Plant said. “At this level, everybody gets hit with a good shot at some point, you know, within 12 rounds, a shot that, you know, you may feel or a body shot. That doesn’t mean that you get to fold. That doesn’t mean that you just go from rope to rope and corner to corner and not even, you know, go out on your shield.

You know, when I fought Jose Uzcategui, nobody wanted to fight him. At some point in that 12 rounds, he caught me with a nice shot.

“But you never seen me fold and go from rope to rope, and just not even try and fight back and, you know, try to win. And same thing with him. I sent him down twice. I caught him with body shots. I caught him with a whole lotta sh-t. That doesn’t mean that you just get to go from rope to rope and give up, though. And that’s kind of what I feel like [Smith] did.”

While Plant wasn’t entertained with that fight, he is scheduled to be in action to end the month against Caleb Truax on the next Premier Boxing Champions card that will air on FOX on January 30th. Should Plant be victorious in this bout, expect to hear more chatter on him taking on Canelo as this has been something that has been brewing for a moment now.

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