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Bradley explains concerns after Dadashev fight

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Bradley explains concerns after Dadashev fight

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley explains concerns after Dadashev fight

ESPN boxing analyst and former World title holder Tim Bradley called the Friday night broadcast for the Maxim Dadashev bout against Subriel Matias. A fight Dadashev not only lost in a brutal 11th round TKO but is currently in critical condition as he was rushed to the hospital for treatment of severe brain damage.

And, Bradley in a post-fight interview with Fighter IQ after ESPN’s broadcast concluded, did not hold back :

“That’s a scary situation and every time you step foot in the ring you know that was always the talk that I would have with my wife. You know before I would step foot in the ring, I would sit her down, I would look her and I would say, ‘Look at me, honey. Take a good look at me, open your eyes wide open because I might not come out the ring one and I know I’m not coming out the ring the same way that I came in.’

He stressed passionately in the interview that it’s family first and that is why he is currently retired.

“Dadashev took punishment over the course of twelve rounds and now his life is on the line and the only people that’s there is his family. That’s it.” Not us the fans, not me the broadcaster, none of that. It’s serious.

ESPN cameras showed Dadashev clearly in distress in his corner after the stoppage, and there was some delay in getting him out of the ring and significant medical treatment. Media and observers at ringside saw him leave the ring with the help of his team, but, Dadashev was unable to make it back to the locker room before collapsing.

Bradley continued, “I’m out the game and I got out of the game early for this reason. People say you’re too young Tim. Why did you retire? I made my money in this sport and I did well with my money in this sport. I got out of the game at the right time.”

The previously unbeaten Dadashev was taking punishment and the accumulation over the course of the bout led his trainer James “Buddy” McGirt to stop the fight before the start of the final round. McGirt’s concerns echoed those of Bradley’s in why he stopped the fight:

“God forbid… one punch as you know can change a whole guy’s life and I wasn’t going to let that happen– so, I’d rather have them be mad at me for a day or two then to be mad at me for the rest of their life.” McGirt told SWFight.”

This is a scary and tragic situation and at last update early Saturday, he was being treated for the excessive brain damage at nearby Prince George’s Hospital in nearby Cheverly, Maryland.

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