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Rocky Marciano ends the career of Joe Louis

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Rocky Marciano ends the career of Joe Louis

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Rocky Marciano ends the career of Joe Louis

Joe Louis, throughout his career, had some legendary wars and battles, but all of that came to a devasting end to another Hall of Farmer and legend Rocky Marciano on October 26, 1951.

The setting was “The Mecca of Boxing” Madison Square Garden for this heavyweight contest that would have the even though Louis at 37, was still a 6 to 5 betting favorite over the 27-year-old Marciano. One factor of this was at the time. The critics scoffed at Marciano’s undefeated record as well as he was coming into the match 25 pounds lighter than Louis in a division where weight plays a factor in punches at heavyweight.

Once the bell rang, it was a completely different story.

Louis, at this moment of his boxing career, seemed to be a step behind the quicker and cagier Marciano.

Louis also behind throughout most of the fight as he was unable to keep Marciano at bay. At this point in his career, it had looked like a shell of himself and seemed to have been on the ropes for a majority of the fight.

In the eighth round, Louis was knocked down by a left hook. He got to one knee at the count of three and took an eight-count before getting up. Marciano moved in for the finish and ended the fight with a right that sent Louis through the ropes and onto the ring apron. This was only the second time in his career that Louis has been stopped.

“I saw the right coming but I couldn’t do anything about it,” Louis said after the fight. “I was awfully tired. I’m too old I guess.”

Louis’s statement would be true as this was the last of him in the ring ending a historic 17-year career with a record of  66-3 with 52 of those wins by knockout. “The Brockton Blockbuster” Marciano himself would continue on to end his career in 1955 undefeated at 49-0.

Feel free below to take a look back at the last match of the legendary Joe Louis below.

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