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5 Most Memorable Evander Holyfield Fights

5 Most Memorable Evander Holyfield Fights


5 Most Memorable Evander Holyfield Fights


5 Most Memorable Evander Holyfield Fights

Evander Holyfield’s career was a formidable one, which helped him draw the attention of fans and bettors alike. Holyfield wowed crowds with courage and skill, creating plenty of entertainment and betting opportunities throughout his career, even for defeats against Riddick Bowe and Michael Moorer.

Holyfield‘s will to win undoubtedly made him a legend of the sport – and like the fighters of today, these characteristics and skills drive conversations between people about betting odds for upcoming fights. 

These discussions and the legacy of these boxers continue to inspire debate and curiosity regarding online betting, on the potential victors of upcoming bouts while paying homage to the greats.

5 Memorable Evander Holyfield Fights

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson I

Mike Tyson was back in the ring – following a 3+ year absence after being in prison. “Iron Mike” had started his comeback in style winning four fights in a row, which saw him collect the WBC and WBA Heavyweight Titles. There was an air of inevitability that Tyson and Holyfield would collide.

Many were unsure of how the “Real Deal” would deal with the in-your-face pressure style of Tyson. Holyfield flipped the script in style pushing “Iron Mike” back, keeping him on his back foot while landing combinations, which frustrated Tyson. “Iron Mike” was eventually stopped in the 11th round giving Holyfield a memorable victory.

Holyfield vs. Michael Moorer II

Following the infamous second fight against Tyson, Holyfield decided to rematch Michael Moorer, who had defeated the “Real Deal” via a majority decision win in 1994.

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Moorer was making it a close fight in the opening few rounds, with Holyfield soon taking over, sending his opponent crashing to the canvas five times, from a mix of heavy-handed combinations which war Moorer down before the referee stepped in to award Holyfield victory via an eighth round stoppage.

Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe II

Despite losing the first time they fought, Holyfield again showed his drive for redemption as he rematched against big punching heavyweight Riddick Bowe, who had taken the WBA, WBC, and IBF heavyweight titles away from Holyfield. This fight was a war for 12 rounds, with each fighter throwing everything at their opponent.

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Holyfield again showed his class in the middle rounds as he often did, with his exemplary work rate and excellent combinations. Bowe rallied in the later rounds, but the “Real Deal” showed his mettle to secure a majority decision win, inflicting what would ultimately be the only loss of Bowe’s career.

Holyfield vs. Buster Douglas

This was a coming-of-age fight for Holyfield as he faced off against Mike Tyson’s conqueror Buster Douglas. Many doubted if the “Real Deal” could impact the heavyweight division.

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Douglas came into the fight noticeably heavier than he had done for his historic win over Tyson in Tokyo. It was ultimately an easy night’s work for the “Real Deal” as he made his opponent look slow and ponderous. In the third round, Douglas tried to land a huge but telegraph uppercut, which Holyfield avoided with ease, before he hit an off-balance Douglas with a straight right to the chin, which sent him crashing to the canvas, awarding Holyfield the victory.

Holyfield vs. Dwight Muhammad Qawi

On July 12, 1986, Holyfield had one of the more challenging fights of his career as he scored a 15-round split decision win over the battle-hardened Dwight Muhammad Qawi. The official judge’s scorecards read: 143-141 Qawi, overruled by 147-138 and 144-140 for Holyfield.

Holyfield came into the fight with an 11-0 record. The “Real Deal” had never fought over eight rounds before, but he was about to prove how tough he was during this fifteen-round war. Holyfield’s conditioning and ability to pick his punches well – saw him get the decision.

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