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5 Completely Random Boxing Records That Will Surprise You

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5 Completely Random Boxing Records That Will Surprise You

5 Completely Random Boxing Records That Will Surprise You

Boxing is a sport that is rich in history, with countless records and statistics that have been compiled over the years. Some of these boxing records are well-known, such as the fact that Floyd Mayweather retired with a perfect professional record of 50-0. However, there are also many random boxing records that are interesting and worth exploring. Here are a few of them.

5 Random Boxing Records

Longest Winning Streak in Boxing History

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The longest winning streak in boxing history belongs to Julio Cesar Chavez, a Mexican boxer who won his first 87 fights before finally losing in 1993. Chavez’s streak began in 1980 and lasted for over a decade, during which he won multiple world titles in multiple weight classes. While other boxers have had impressive winning streaks, none have come close to matching Chavez’s incredible record.

Most Consecutive Knockouts to Start a Career

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Rocky Marciano is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, and part of his legend is due to his impressive record of 49-0 with 43 knockouts. However, one of his most impressive records is the fact that he started his career with 16 consecutive knockouts, which remains the record for most consecutive knockouts to start a career.

Most Wins by a Female Boxer

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Christy Martin is one of the most successful female boxers of all time, with a record of 49-7-3 over her career. Martin was a trailblazer in women’s boxing, winning her first world title in 1996 and fighting on the undercard of several high-profile fights throughout her career. Her 49 wins are the most by any female boxer in history.

Most Knockouts in a Single Year

In 1952, Rocky Marciano set another record when he knocked out 9 opponents in a single year. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that Marciano only fought 11 times that year, meaning that he knocked out nearly 82% of his opponents. This record still stands today as the most knockouts in a single year.

Most Punches Thrown in a Single Round

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While many boxing records focus on knockouts and wins, one of the more interesting records is the most punches thrown in a single round. This record belongs to Amir Khan, who threw 175 punches in the tenth round of his 2009 fight against Marcos Maidana. While Khan ultimately won the fight by unanimous decision, the tenth round was particularly memorable for the sheer volume of punches he threw.

Note: Amir Khan charged with doping, faces ban

Overall, these records are just a few examples of the many interesting and random statistics that exist in the world of boxing. While they may not be as well-known as some of the more mainstream records, they demonstrate the incredible achievements and feats that boxers have accomplished throughout history.

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