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Ryan Garcia’s Supposed ‘Injury’: Moot Point Or Something To Look At?

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Ryan Garcia’s Supposed ‘Injury’: Moot Point Or Something To Look At?

Photo Credit:Chris Esqueda/ Golden Boy Promotions

Ryan Garcia’s Supposed ‘Injury’: Moot Point Or Something To Look At?

Late last night, a video by lightweight Erdenebat Tsendbaatar hit social media claiming he injured Ryan Garcia with a body shot during training camp.

There is nothing like starting the week after a big fight on Saturday night with some drama. After a ton of social media backlash on Ryan Garcia and his defeat against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, out comes a video from lightweight prospect Erdenebat Tsendbaatar (5-0) claiming that he injured Garcia to the body. Whether that is true or not, it’s a story that has gained traction.

Tsendbaatar or his team are smart as no one knew who he was, and now everyone is researching his name. Conveniently, he fights on Thursday, live from the Sony Hall in NYC, hosted by Boxing Insider. What better way to bring awareness to your fight and career than to post a video about one of the biggest fights boxing has seen in recent years detailing something that could have added to the reason for Garcia not getting up. Tsendbaatar said in the video, “Hey, King Ryan. In sparring, I injured you with body shot. Now you lost to Tank. I am sorry. Are you ok?”

Shortly after the video made its way through social media, Garcia posted an Instagram story saying, “Actually sad I had a mole in my camp like wtf that’s crazy but thank God it’s. brought to light now.” This may be news now, but’s Sean Zittel conducted a video with Davis during training camp where Tank said, “He got hurt to the body before. He thinks I don’t know that.” Zittel then asked, “What fight was that?” Davis answered, “It was no fight. Ask him. Just let him know that I know he got hurt to the body”. Many chalked that up as part of the back-and-forth mind games but looking back now, it seems to line up with the video Tsendbaater posted last night.

Garcia then proceeded to make another post on social media. “Didn’t mean that to come off as an excuse or anything. I lost period. I’ll come back, but I’m shocked that part of my team crossed me. Someone close to me. Unbelievable. But it’s my testimony that you must be aware of anyone.

Coming into a fight less than 100% isn’t something new, and most fighters would argue that this happens more often than none. They just do a great job pushing through it to earn the check associated with the said fight. Demond Nicholson was admitted to the hospital during his fight week against Edgar Berlanga, which most people didn’t know. Teofimo Lopez probably shouldn’t have fought George Kambosos Jr. with all his complications on fight week, but he pushed forward. These things happen, and fighters push through so they don’t miss the payday that may or may not be there later if they pull out of the fight.

Is the Garcia supposed “injury” a moot point or something to look at? That’s up to you, the boxing fans, to decide. Maybe it lingers around until Garcia’s next fight, where he performs better. Only time will tell, but given we are fresh off the weekend, who knows what other news will come out concerning Saturday night’s mega event.

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