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Diego Pacheco vs. Jack Cullen Fight Results: Pacheco Delivers Crushing KO

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Diego Pacheco vs. Jack Cullen Fight Results: Pacheco Delivers Crushing KO

Photo Credit:Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Diego Pacheco vs. Jack Cullen Fight Results: Pacheco Delivers Crushing KO

22-year-old super middleweight contender Diego Pacheco continues to impress as climbs the super middleweight rankings.

This afternoon, live from Liverpool, super middleweight contender Diego Pacheco (18-0) made quick work of Jack Cullen (21-4-1) with a fourth-round knockout victory. Pacheco was bumped up to the main event slot once Callum Smith had to pull out of his fight due to an injury.

Diego Pacheco is here to stay. Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

It was the war of the jabs in the first round as both Pacheco and Cullen threw more of them than any other punch. Pacheco slowly started to test the overhand right to see what distance he needed to be at in order to fire it away. Pacheco landed the left jab in the second round, followed by the right uppercut effectively. Pacheco began to double up his jab and landed a huge overhand right that rocked Cullen. He recovered well and started to come back towards the end of the round and land counterpunches of his own, which caught Pacheco by surprise.

At the beginning of the third round, Cullen started to press forward and make things uncomfortable for Pacheco as he tried to land anything to get his attention. Pacheco landed a big right uppercut and followed it with a four-punch combination, and although it seemed like Cullen may have been in trouble, he came back with a slew of left jabs to keep Pacheco away.

Although Cullen was being brave in the ring, the fight came to an end in the fourth round when Pacheco first landed a big left hook to the body that sent Cullen down for the first knockdown of the fight. Then Cullen got up but he had his right elbow tucked in tight to his ribs, leading to Pacheco landing a one-two combination down the middle that sent Cullen crashing down and the referee stopping the fight. Pacheco earns the knockout victory but, more importantly, has everyone’s attention.

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