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David Benavidez – Demetrius Andrade Potential Match-up Intrigues

David Benavidez - Demetrius Andrade Potential Match-up Intrigues


David Benavidez – Demetrius Andrade Potential Match-up Intrigues

Stephanie Trapp- TGB Promotions

David Benavidez – Demetrius Andrade Potential Match-up Intrigues

The boxing realm is stirring with anticipation as two of the most avoided fighters in recent memory, David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade, look to collide in what will likely lead to a huge opportunity for the winner.

For either fighter, a victory spells a potential showdown with future hall of famer, Saul Canelo Álvarez. As the boxing world gears up for that possibility, we dissect what the proposed Benavidez-Andrade bout means for each competitor, the ramifications of the outcome, and the road to the much-coveted fight with Canelo.

The Possible Matchup

For every combat sport, there are moments where two elite fighters, avoided by many, decide to test their mettle against each other. Such is the case with Benavidez and Andrade, both sterling examples of boxing prowess. In a sport dominated by business decisions, this match-up represents something primal, a testament to the warriors’ spirit that defined boxing of yesteryears.

Setting the Stage

Benavidez, with a stellar record of 27-0, 23 KOs, is off a huge win over former IBF 168 lb. champ Caleb Plant and  gearing up for a super-middleweight clash against Andrade. He’s the former WBO middleweight title holder and  boasts an impressive 32-0 with 19 KOs. The battle could take place in Las Vegas, Nevada later this Fall, setting the desert city alight with excitement.

David Benavidez will likely come in as the -150 favorite. If you’re looking to elevate the thrill, the BetMGM Arizona bonus code could enhance your experience for this fight and other marquee matchups.

Behind the Scenes 

While the world eagerly awaits the bell, there’s more than meets the eye. From contractual dealings to promotional nuances, the road to this bout has been paved with intrigue and determination. While Premier Boxing Champions, the entity managing Benavidez, remains tight-lipped about the negotiations it appears likely to happen. This, as PBC has a three fight deal with Canelo and the Benavidez-Andrade sets up on the time line to fight Alvarez next Spring.

The Glorious Past

With Benavidez having previously held the WBC super middleweight title, both fighters bring to the ring a legacy of achievements, making the potential clash an intriguing one. Their past accolades provide a backdrop against which their impending face-off is set.

Benavidez’s Triumphs and Trials 

Benavidez’s win vs. Plant, whom he defeated in a unanimous decision on March 25 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, allowed him to retain the interim WBC super middleweight title. Despite his wins, the talented Benavidez has faced obstacles in his career, including positive substance tests and weight issues.

Andrade’s Ascent

On the other hand, Andrade was crowned WBO super welterweight champion in 2017. He also held the middleweight belt between 2018 through 2021 before moving up in weight class. His debut in the 168-pound division resulted in a unanimous decision victory over Demond Nicholson on January 7 at the Capital One Arena in Washington.

The Ultimate Prize 

Stephen Espinoza of Showtime Sports asserts that the victor could be Canelo’s next opponent come “Cinco de Mayo” (May 5) weekend. Given the array of potential rivals for Canelo’s three-fight deal with PBC, the stakes have never been higher. But, regardless of whether a Canelo bout would be next for the winner, the future is still bright for both fighters. 

Beyond Benavidez and Andrade 

Another intriguing matchup, but less lucrative for the winner, would be WBA secondary title holder at 168 lb. Cuban David Morrell. Morrell is unbeaten and a dangerous puncher. So, a fight with the Benavidez/Andrade winner would be marketable, as well.

The Fighters’ Quest 

For over two years, Benavidez has been vocal about facing Canelo. Similarly, Andrade expressed interest during his middleweight championship reign. Now, they stand a win away from potentially confronting boxing’s biggest draw.

Márquez’s Take

Juan Manuel Márquez, a boxing legend and multiple world champion in different divisions, has expressed that fights like this one remind us of the old school of pugilism. According to Márquez, this fight will show that boxing is not just business but also passion and determination. It’s a bout that will undoubtedly leave a mark.

Márquez is one of the most respected and recognized fighters in the sport. His career spanned over two decades, and he was known for his impeccable technique, his cunning in the ring, and his memorable fights, especially against boxers like Manny Pacquiao.

Márquez has earned a place in the Boxing Hall of Fame, and after retiring as a professional boxer, he has dedicated himself to being a commentator and boxing analyst, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with new generations and fans around the world. That’s why his opinions and reflections on current matchups, like that of Benavidez vs. Andrade, are highly valued by the boxing community.

This showdown between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade is more than just a fight; it’s a story of determination, passion, and the pursuit of glory. Boxing fans are eagerly awaiting this clash of titans, where not just a title or recognition is at stake, but a place in the history of the sport.

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