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5 Biggest Boxing Knockouts You Can Find on YouTube

5 Biggest Boxing Knockouts You Can Find on YouTube


5 Biggest Boxing Knockouts You Can Find on YouTube

Bettmann / Contributor

5 Biggest Boxing Knockouts You Can Find on YouTube

Here at Big Fight Weekend, we love the art of boxing and respect any person that steps into the ring. However, we wanted to pay homage to some of the biggest boxing knockouts available on YouTube. The site offers many fights from the boxing vaults that are preserving the sport for the next generation of fans. Video creators can look to add border to video online to produce quality content that watchers will enjoy. These video vaults are pivotal in preserving the past.

5 Biggest Boxing Knockouts Available on YouTube

Biggest Boxing Knockouts: Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks

Minutes before the 1988 World title fight between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks, Butch Lewis, the promoter of Spinks noticed a bump in Tyson’s gloves. Despite the gloves being passed safe for the fight, Lewis had angered the beast. 

Tyson flew at his opponent from the first bell, landing a dangerous left hook, which forced Spinks to retreat. He attempted to get off the ropes, but “Iron Mike” forced him back and landed a sweet right hand to the body, which resulted in Spinks taking a knee. Despite beating the count, he was subsequently met by Tyson, who was baying for blood and met Spinks with a brilliant left-right combination, which put his opponent flat on his back, unable to beat the count, making this one of the biggest knockouts in boxing history. There are many big Mike Tyson fights — this wasn’t the biggest, but it had a heck of a knockout!

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao had defeated Juan Manuel Marquez on three separate occasions, with many feeling the Mexican had valid claims he had won all three of their previous encounters.

The beginning of the 4th Marquez vs Pacquiao fight was very cagey, with both fighters seemingly fully aware of the danger the other posed. Pacquiao was the most active in the opening rounds. “PacMan” was landing the cleaner punches, and his movement was making him hard to hit. Marquez soon adapted and started to land significant blows to Pacquiao’s body. 

Following the body shots, the Mexican fighter landed a looping overhand shot that floored Pacquiao. The Filipino fighter returned the favour flooring his rival in round five. Round six saw “PacMan” tag Marquez at will. As the round was seconds from ending, Marquez smartly ducked a second jab and unleashed a devastating right hand, which sent Pacquaio flying to the canvas head-first. Referee Kenny Bayless had no choice but to end the fight, making this one of the biggest knockouts in boxing history.  

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor

Julio Cesar Chavez was on a 68-fight winning streak to begin his professional career. His 69th fight saw him take on the undefeated Meldrick Taylor. The American fighter was the more dangerous throughout the first eight rounds. Chavez rallied in the last four rounds and as the fight entered into the final 15 seconds, Chavez knocked down his American counterpart with a big right hand.

The American rose to his feet, but referee Richard Steele waved the contest off with two seconds remaining. Chavez had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Taylor was ahead on all the scorecards with sizeable leads of 107-102 and 108-101 on two of the three judges’ scorecards.

Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson makes our list for the 2nd time. But on this occasion, he is on the receiving end – of one of the biggest knockouts in boxing history.

“Iron Mike” was one of the most feared men on the planet. He had amassed 37 victories, with him showcasing his phenomenal power on many occasions. The opponent in his way this time was James “Buster” Douglas. He had been defeated by Tony Tucker in his only other chance at a world title. In the build-up to the fight, Douglas lost his mother, who sadly passed away.

He was a massive 42-1 underdog, and it was considered a routine fight for “Iron Mike”. Douglas refused to be intimidated and worked diligently behind his jab, which negated the strengths of Tyson, keeping him at bay. “Buster” Douglas was floored in round eight. After beating a seemingly slow count, the Ohio native shocked the world in round 10 by inflicting the first defeat of Tyson’s career.

George Foreman vs. Michael Moorer

On November 5 1994, George Foreman was to enter the history books at 45 years old, becoming the oldest man in history to win a world heavyweight title. Foreman and Michael Moorer traded heavy blows throughout the 10th round before the Texas native connected with a devastating right hand, which hit Moorer flush on the chin, sending him crashing to the canvas – unable to beat the count. Another huge George Foreman knockout.

This was undoubtedly sweet redemption for Foreman after losing his unbeaten record to Muhammed Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle. Moorer seemed to be winning the fight, in front on all three scorecards (88-83 x2 and 86-85), landing jabs at will. Foreman showed his desire and strength by taking a pounding from his opponent. “Big George” somehow stayed on his feet, trading blows with Moorer before the sensational 10th-round knockout, one of the biggest in boxing history. 


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