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William Zepeda vs. Jaime Arboleda Fight Results: Zepeda Scores KO Victory

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William Zepeda vs. Jaime Arboleda Fight Results: Zepeda Scores KO Victory

Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions

William Zepeda vs. Jaime Arboleda Fight Results: Zepeda Scores KO Victory

William Zepeda once again proved that he is ready for the next level as he made quick work of Jamie Arboleda with a second round knockout.

William Zepeda (28-0) came in as the overwhelming favorite against Jaime Arboleda (19-3) and made a statement—Zepeda scored three knockdowns on his way to a second-round knockout. Zepeda is knocking on the door of a big fight at lightweight, which will be very interesting.

Arboleda used good movement in the first round, but Zepeda kept stalking him and cutting off the ring well. Towards the end of the round, Zepeda landed a straight left hand which stunned Arboleda and would be a preview of what would come. Zepeda started working the body some more in the second round, and a left hook to the body sent Arboleda down for the fight’s first knockdown. Arboleda got up, and Zepeda went back downstairs, sending Arboleda down for the second knockdown. Then after Arboleda got up again, Zepeda went in for the kill and landed another body shot, but this time Arboleda would not get up. Zepeda scores the knockout victory but, more importantly, puts everyone in the lightweight division on notice.


Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions

The pre-fight commentary on this one was that this fight would show a solid level of skills but would more than likely go the distance. I guess Victor Morales Jr. (18-0-1) didn’t get the memo as he knocked out Diego De La Hoya (24-2) in the second round of their fight. In the first round, both men came out quickly and had their moments. De La Hoya was catching Morales Jr. with a solid check left hook and straight right hand while Morales was landing the same.

Something was said between the rounds in Morales Jr’s corner that lit a fire in him. Once the second round began, Morales Jr. jumped on De La Hoya. First, the left hook busted De La Hoya’s nose. Then another clean left hook sent De La Hoya down for the first knockdown of the night. Lastly, once De La Hoya got up, both men went blow for blow, but Morales’ left hook landed again, but this time De La Hoya would not get up. Morales Jr. introduced himself as a player in the featherweight division with a statement win on DAZN.

After the fight, Morales Jr. had this to say “I wanted Diego to know that the power was there,” said Morales, Jr. “We called him out because I needed an opponent to bring out the best in me. I feel like I’m one of the best in my division, but I needed a good dance partner to prove it. I took the first round to figure him out, check his chin because I knew he was dehydrated, and in the second I just hit the gas. This title is the first of many more titles I know I am going to fight for.

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