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Who’s left to take on Devin Haney?


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Who’s left to take on Devin Haney?

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing

Who’s left to take on Devin Haney?

While the pandemic has kept live boxing on hold, this hasn’t stopped undefeated Devin Haney from making as much noise as physically possible during this downtime.

This past week, the World Boxing Council (WBC) gave Haney their 135 lb. belt back that they took from him while we were injured and recovering from shoulder surgery late last year. What happened in that meantime was the WBC had set Haney as “Champion in Recess,” while setting up a bout between Javier Fortina taking on Luke Campbell. That was slated for April 17, which was later scrapped due to the COVID 19 pandemic. That match being pulled gave Haney a chance to make his case to the WBC to give back his belt, which they did.

But now, who wants a fight with Haney is the next question?

Before the pandemic, Haney was making noise about a possible bout against Ryan Garcia so much so that he was on hand for Garcia’s victory against Francisco Fonseca back on Valentine’s Day. Talks of Haney taking on Garcia seem to be pushed back, as Garcia’s trainer Eddy Reynoso told ESPN Deportes that he wanted Garcia in a few more fights before taking on Haney.

“I would like a couple more fights, in the last three fights we have fought four rounds, he still needs to learn more, fight with boxers who give him battle, boxers who are giving him training above the ring,” Reynoso said to ESPN Deportes.

“We are missing two or three fights, not because he cannot beat him right now, he can beat anyone, above the ring, he can beat a champion, but to get more possibilities, more set in terms of learning and training, he lacks a little more experience and let’s see if this year can be done,” Reynoso said.

Those words don’t sound like to expect that fight anytime soon.

So Haney has moved on to the fighters at Top Rank Boxing and Teofimo Lopez and Vasiliy Lomachenko. Just as of right now, it isn’t being embraced by either one. One apparent reason is those two were slated to be in action in May in a unification bout before that was postponed.

The second reason was Lopez took to Twitter yesterday and said the following:

Pretty straight forward. Haney fired back that Lopez has avoided him as well.

Between Lopez telling him to shut up and Lomachenko being franchised, which gave Haney the belt he has now in the first place, it just only leaves the question of who what big-name wants to take on the undefeated Haney when all of this shakes out and gets back to normal. So far, if you had sights on any of these matchups against Haney go ahead and count these out.

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