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Wait for Wilder and Fury almost over

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Wait for Wilder and Fury almost over

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Wait for Wilder and Fury almost over

All of the boxing world celebrates today with its unofficial “return to the mainstream” with the most anticipated Heavyweight championship in decades with the Alabama native, Deontay Wilder holding the most coveted of belts with the WBC and the British “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury carrying the mythical lineal title.

This is the biggest fight, since there was another polarizing champ with the familiar name of Tyson and an elevation of the sport harkening back to those most famous eras.​ Beating an unbeaten champion takes more than mere boxing ability and tactical moves.

It requires an unshakeable self-belief, one that Fury demonstrated in spades in the first fight by twice getting up off the canvas. Sportspeople talk about the difference between believing you can do something and knowing that you can – Fury may not know that he can beat Wilder, but both now know  Fury had a miraculous climb off the canvas in the 12th round in fight one, even after briefly being unconscious.

The dramatic rise to his feet and magic of the first time they shared the ring, while not producing a winner, has fed some frenzied fans into expecting an equally dramatic conclusion with Wilder being slightly favored. And, there are many expecting to see, if this time Fury will not be able to rise from the dead. Will the world be treated to an era defining champion heavyweight in the so called, “glamour division of boxing?”

There are no shortage of storylines going into this Saturday night special as the contentious relationship between the two took on a much more aggressive approach to each other at their final press conference and with the effects likely to spill over into the boxing ring. The stark contrast of the master boxer giant who moves and glides awkwardly but effectively across the ring and the “Bronze Bomber” who holds the highest knockout percentage in the history of this ancient sport.

Both men are towering in size and larger than life personalities. And, the most compelling fact can be found in the first matchup and one has to look only to the 12th round where Wilder  knocked Fury down and briefly semi-conscious, but the scrappy Britt somehow rose from the canvas and finished the round strong. Then, the controversial draw has left fans eagerly awaiting the night where these two great fighters enter into the ring against each other to settle on who is the better man?

Deontay Wilder and his legendary punching power has given him another title thats historically been passed down the generations and that is of course, “the baddest man on the planet.” Meanwhile, Fury surely is the “the biggest.” The right hand of Wilder looks to have become even more straightened out and quick like a piston. And he’s ready test the eye which was cut severely in Fury’s most recent lackluster performance against the young and unknown, Otto Wallin.

But more than anyone, Deontay Wilder knows that you can’t count out Tyson Fury. The classic clash between boxer and puncher, power and speed, and KO king versus the crafty Gypsy King!

To quote the great Michael Buffer’s introduction,:“Ladies and gentleman, “LLLLLETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLE!”

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A former professional fighter from Decatur, Alabama, David gives unique perspective to Big Fight Weekend from inside the ropes. You will enjoy his insight and analysis on the game, it’s personalities and why some match-ups look great on paper, but others…..not so much. And, don’t get this guy started on his “Roll Tide”-mate, Deontay Wilder!

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