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What to Expect From Tyson Fury This Winter

‘I Am Absoutedley Devastated’: Possible Late Replacement Revealed as Tyson Fury Pulls Out

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What to Expect From Tyson Fury This Winter

What to Expect From Tyson Fury This Winter

For a little while, Tyson Fury had a blockbuster winter lined up. He was to fight Anthony Joshua on December 3rd, and follow that up with a bout against Oleksandr Usyk on the 31st. Now, things have changed a little bit. As we suggested recently, Fury and Mahmoud Charr could still happen at some point (after Joshua failed to sign a contract on the timeline Fury himself imposed). This takes some of the buzz
away from Fury’s December slate.

UPDATE: It has just been revealed his Fury will fight Derek Chisora.

Here’s a breakdown of the Chisora fight and a potential bout with Charr.

Tyson Fury Fights to end 2022

Fury vs. Chisora

It was announced on Thursday that The Gypsy King will put it all on the line against Derek Chisora. The fight is scheduled for December 3rd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, UK.

Fury vs. Charr

One thing we know about Mahmoud Charr is that he won’t be out-toughed. The man has endured a life of drama and hardship. He was shot as a four-year-old; he’s done multiple years in prison; he was once suspected of attempted murder; and in 2015 he was shot four times (and was back fighting less than a year later). All of this makes for a hardened man, and perhaps a rare figure who will believe, deep down, that he’s tougher than Tyson Fury.

Unfortunately for Charr, none of that factors in strategically. And when it comes to boxing, Fury is the more talented, refined, and experienced fighter. He’ll have a distinct advantage, and perhaps nothing communicates this more clearly than Charr’s own trainer’s take.

Asked if Charr could win, the trainer was quoted in a boxing news piece at DAZN saying that Charr has a chance because “in the heavyweight anything is possible.”

Yes, this is meant to project confidence. After all, this is boxing. But when you have to rely on a cliché rather than a specific tactical edge or belief in your fighter, you’re not exactly convincing anybody.

Mahmoud Charr is a fierce, capable boxer. But something will need to go drastically wrong for Tyson Fury to lose this fight. There aren’t too many reliable odds listings on the bout yet, because the Joshua fight only recently fell through. Expect, however, that Fury will be a substantial favorite.

Fury vs. Usyk

While the odds are still being worked out for Fury’s potential early-December bout, the books have weighed in on a 2023 Fury and Oleksandr Usyk fight. And per the latest boxing betting odds posted at Coral, Fury (unsurprisingly) looks to be a strong favorite. As of this writing, the champ is being given 4/9 odds to win, with Usyk at 7/4 (and a 16/1 long shot at a draw). We wouldn’t quite say this
makes Fury a prohibitive favorite, but expectations are clear.

Even so, there is –– at least on paper –– more hope for Usyk than Charr. For full perspective, it’s even worth noting that there are a few bold prognosticators out there predicting a Usyk victory. Case in point, Anthony Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn spoke out in favor of Usyk back in August. In an article at Boxing Scene, Hearn picked Usyk on the grounds that he’s “just too good,” noting also that both men are
particularly intelligent fighters.

Now, given his ties to Joshua and the rocky negotiations between this camp and Fury’s, it’s fair to wonder if his prediction is entirely free of bias. Back in August, he may even have been playing head games in anticipation that the Joshua-Fury bout would go through. Nevertheless, he’s on record with his Usyk prediction.

Hearn is right that these are two intelligent fighters. He may also (unfortunately) be right that it won’t be the best fight to watch; both boxers will take strategic and patient approaches. In the end though, the odds are right more often than not, and while there will be arguments in favor of Usyk’s ability to pull off the upset, Fury should escape Usyk unscathed.

Whatever happens, the fearsome heavyweight champ is putting himself on the line to wrap up 2022 and start 2023 well.

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