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Three boxing things I’m looking forward to 3/19

Brandun Lee In Action In March

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Three boxing things I’m looking forward to 3/19

Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

Three boxing things I’m looking forward to 3/19

What kind of clickbait is this?

While COVID-19 has stopped all boxing action for the foreseeable future to the point that shows slated for June is being delayed, I did want to look back at the last week of boxing for a while briefly.

Last weekend in the world, it seems was the last boxing action we’ve gotten. I joined Carlos Toro on his edition of the Fightful Boxing Podcast to speak about the latest Shobox card and what pretty much came to fruition in terms of fights cards getting wiped out as of this writing as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

We also talk to Barry Tompkins who called the action our the latest podcast below:


The three things I’m looking forward to this week, much like everything else in the world of live sports, will be postponed until we get some actual boxing action to look forward to. In the meantime, and for the last time until then, let me look back at the three things that I was looking for last week.

Brandun Lee against Camilo Prieto

Lee, for three rounds, took on Camio Prieto to close out the surreal atmosphere in Hinkley, Minnesota, and everyone who was watching the fight knew once the first round ended, knew this wasn’t going the distance. Lee told me that “he wasn’t here to dance,” and by the third round was wrapped up. Lee remains undefeated and is still one to keep an eye on as he hopefully takes on someone tougher once boxing action resumes.

The continuing impact of the coronavirus on upcoming cards.

Well, it canceled boxing not only in the United States but also in the world as the British Boxing Board of Control axed shows on Tuesday, and Mexico followed suit as well. The card I had mentioned was Raging Babe’s local card that instead has been rescheduled for June 19th on The Impact Network. As soon as this all passes, the goal of normalcy will begin, and we’ll have boxing again.

When it does, the third thing I was looking for with Edgar Berlanga getting past the 1st round will take place. That card was scrapped before all the other by the New York State Atheltic Commission. While the pandemic has discarded what I’m looking for this weekend in the ring, It’ll be back as soon as the boxing is.

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Marquis Johns is a unknown humorist and avid boxing fan. His love for the sweet science goes back to when matches were 15 rounds and has been covering fights since closed-circuit pay-per-views. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth is not only a quote by Mike Tyson, it's also a pretty good reminder to keep your guard up.

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