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‘Raging Babe’ Rosado opens up on ‘Philly Special’

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‘Raging Babe’ Rosado opens up on ‘Philly Special’

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‘Raging Babe’ Rosado opens up on ‘Philly Special’

Michelle “Raging Babe” Rosado had initially been planning to put on a fight card on March 22, which was to showcase local fighters out of the Philadelphia area onto the main stage. Once COVID-19 came around St. Patrick’s Day weekend, her show like everything else had to be put on hold.

One thing that would never be questioned was her passion for making this show a reality.

Rosado late Wednesday night opened up on Twitter about the behind the scenes workings and the struggles she had to put on this card in a series of tweets.

“The #PhillySpecial is/was a competitive card from top to bottom. Shobox worthy for sure. Undefeated prospects, impressive amateur backgrounds, compelling stories, etc.,” Rosado stated on Twitter. “After numerous calls and emails with various networks/promoters, (the) IMPACT network gave me the shot and picked up the #PhillySpecial. It would be considered a “trial” run. They were not paying for the card. Be clear.”

The Impact Network, for those unaware,  you can see by simply clicking this website and is on most cable systems to those who haven’t “cut the cord.”

Is it an ESPN or Fox? No. It’s main primary focus is religious programming and was making a foray into boxing on the side.

The “trial run” Rosado was referring to would’ve been her club show out of Philly that was to air on the network. The network had previously in February put on a show out of New Mexico, which was headlined by Austin Trout, taking on Rosbel Montoya in their debut airing.

That show, in all honesty, was nothing anyone reading this missed, except the opening bout which had Jesus Torres taking on Alonzo Butler in a heavyweight contest that can only be described in the tweet below courtesy of Boxrec Grey.

Needless to say, Rosado’s card on paper was easily going to be more competitive than that show and is looking for a network now to reach out to help air it. The main event of the card was going to be Philly fighgers Stevie Ortiz vs. Damon Allen for Ortiz’s’s state lightweight title and the vacant USBC lightweight title.

“I’m not looking to make money. I’m looking to get this card picked up by a network. I just want the fighters to fight and get their check. I want everyone to see what a good “club” show looks like. I want these guys to get the shine and the opportunity.

I believe in the #PhillySpecial. It is a quality card. I have been fighting for the fighters and preaching their compelling stories and backgrounds to any network that will listen to me! It has been frustrating and disappointing. But, I have not thrown in the towel,” Rosado said.

Rosado mentioned that the show, like most current day boxing events in the United States, would have to go on now without fans. Having no revenue from a crowd for her and every promoter at the club level is going to be a significant financial issue in putting on shows.

“As you know, we are unable to do live events at the moment. The #PhillySpecial would have to be an in-studio show with no crowd. That’s impossible for me, a small fry promoter, with no tv package and/or hedge fund to pull from,” Rosado mentioned.

Raging Babe hasn’t thrown in the towel on this card, and I hope neither has anyone else, as I feel this card will reappear soon elsewhere.

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