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MTK Global to set up schools throughout the UK

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MTK Global to set up schools throughout the UK

MTK Global

MTK Global to set up schools throughout the UK

MTK Global is thrilled to confirm a partnership with The Academy of Sports & Education that will see Boxing & Education academies set up throughout the UK.

The partnership will see a revolutionary approach to the sport and its relationship with education, with the 16-18 age group benefiting from a Boxing Academy Programme from January 2020.

A range of qualifications and pathways – encompassing an innovative e-learning portal where desirable – will be available within the new system; equipping young people with the opportunities to work towards a career in sport whether that be as a professional boxer, a coach, a sports therapist, a journalist, a physiotherapist or a teacher.

With MTK Global already boasting over 300 stars of today across combat sports, CEO Sandra Vaughan is enthusiastic over the creation of a landmark system aimed at nurturing the stars of tomorrow.

Vaughan said: “This is a fantastic agreement and we are delighted to be working with the Academy of Sports & Education.

“What is so crucial about this new mechanism is that it encourages youngsters to continue learning both inside and outside the ring.

“Now, pursuing excellence as a boxer and continuing to study are no longer so mutually exclusive and we hope to continue to break down those barriers to aspiring fighters targeting self-improvements in a variety of areas.

“This is just the start of another positive strand of MTK Global and ties in with our work to affect change in as many communities as possible.”

Phil Ridgwell, Academy of Sport and Education’s Boxing Ambassador said“We are thrilled to be working with MTK Global on this programme. The opportunity to partner with one of the biggest names in combat sports is exciting for all of us at the Academy.

“More importantly, we are convinced that through this partnership, we can give young people the chance not only to forge a fantastic career in sport, but to keep them on the right track in what are challenging times for young people across the country. We can’t wait to get started.”

A range of qualification options will be available for participants, including BTECs, sports traineeships, Foundation Degrees and more.

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