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‘First Round Destruction’: Liam Williams Returns With Early KO Win

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‘First Round Destruction’: Liam Williams Returns With Early KO Win

Queensberry Promotions photo

‘First Round Destruction’: Liam Williams Returns With Early KO Win

(Our colleague David Payne from has a Friday recap of a quick KO from Liam Williams in hallowed York Hall in London.)

Flinty Welsh Middleweight Liam Williams, 25 (20ko)-4-1, returned from a year of inactivity with a one-punch “first-round destruction” against the overmatched Florin Cardos at the York Hall, London. A win that reveals little; Williams has always been a powerful hitter, but serves as a reminder to Hamzah Sheeraz, the tall and rangy 24-year-old prospect, that their proposed fight in early 2024 will feature all of Williams’ trademark intensity.

Welshman Liam Williams Returns

New Advice In The Corner

At age 31, Williams still has time to feature in high-profile bouts in a weight class lacking the profile fighters traditionally associated with the historic division. In short, despite losses to Liam Smith, Chris Eubank Jr. and Demetrius Andrade, Williams retains international prospects and will entertain the public in pursuit of more illustrious scalps.

For now, his return to the tutelage of Gary Lockett, himself once a mallet-fisted puncher in the middleweight divisions, appears prudent if Williams is to capitalise on the final year or two of his prime. Williams is too seasoned for anyone to believe new facets can be added to his style. Better to focus on his strengths, de-clutter his mind and deploy his power and grit to the best effect.

He is all he will ever be, the question now is, can he overcome the much-touted Sheeraz and secure further opportunities? If he does, he must not let his natural aggression steal from him his composure and timing. He will be a difficult night for many who feature closer to the top of the Middleweight division.

Liam Williams Speaks After Victory

Speaking to the broadcaster TNT Sports after the fight on the Queensberry Promotions card, Williams was both pleased to be boxing again but disappointed he overwhelmed Cardos so easily. “I caught him with a clean shot and down he went. I was a bit disappointed to be honest because I wanted to get some rounds in but that’s what happens when I hit most people on the chin.”

Wins over a European circuit fighter like Cardos, who appeared to have buffeted heavily to make the weight, is not the benchmark by which to assess Williams’ future, but the knockout win certainly made the contemplation more interesting. Williams’s prospects in a Sheeraz fight will be greatly improved by his confidence-building win tonight.

Somewhere, Sheeraz will be digesting that truth too.

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