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Liam Dillon Wins British Super-Featherweight Title In Absorbing Clash

Liam Dillon Wins British Super-Featherweight Title In Absorbing Clash

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Liam Dillon Wins British Super-Featherweight Title In Absorbing Clash

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Liam Dillon Wins British Super-Featherweight Title In Absorbing Clash

(A Sunday recap of Liam Dillon’s Saturday night victory from our colleague in England, David Payne of

In a rugged, gritty contest Liam Dillon won the vacant British Super-Featherweight title by Majority Decision against Qais Ashfaq on the Josh Kelly undercard in front of a boisterous crowd in Newcastle, England.

A title rich in history and always hotly contested, the chase for the Lonsdale belt delivered once again with a natural style clash between southpaw boxer Ashfaq, who falls to 12-2, and the marauding offence of Liam Dillon, 13-0-1.

Both men had successful phases in rounds and at different stages of the fight. Dillon scored two knockdowns, in the 4th and 9th, to secure the win, though neither were heavy and one, contentious; Ashfaq seemed to stumble forward but was being hit with modest body shots as he touchdown, they proved vital to the win.

A nasty cut for Dillon over his left eye in the middle rounds could’ve proved problematic but despite the ensuing swelling it didn’t impede his constant offence. It is a style requiring a solid chin, a quality Ashfaq tested with some quality counters but could never follow up on the breakthroughs he claimed.

Dillon returned the favour with a clash of heads leading to a cut above the 30-year-olds left eye too, it continue to seep as the rounds ticked by. Dillon always appeared the more rugged, durable and confident in his ability but as the championship rounds began Ashfaq found impetus.

Overall, Dillon appeared the winner, perhaps 2-3 rounds with the additional benefit of the knockdowns within that tally. A Split Decision ensued, 115-112, 112-115 and a Terry O’Connor special at 117-110 provided the likeable Londoner with deserved and enertaining victory, and the prized British title.

Asked who he wanted to fight first, Dillon hoped to fulfil his mandaory shot for the Commonwealth title but assured the interviewer for DAZN that he didn’t mind who his next opponent was; “I do scaffolding for a living, some are shit jobs, some are good jobs, so I don’t really care who I fight next!”

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David has been writing about boxing, sport’s oldest showgirl, for almost twenty years. Appearing as a columnist and reporter across print and digital as well as guest appearances with LoveSportRadio and LBC in the UK and, of course, The Big Fight Weekend podcast. Find his unique take on the boxing business here and at his site;

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