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Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babić: Press Conference Quotes and Fight Prediction

Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babić: Presser Quotes and Fight Prediction

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Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babić: Press Conference Quotes and Fight Prediction

Photo credit: Mark Robinson - Matchroom Boxing

Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babić: Press Conference Quotes and Fight Prediction

Johnny Fisher (11-0, 10 KOs) and Alen Babić (12-1, 11 KOs) are not lacking in confidence as their heavyweight showdown approaches.

The two headline a Matchroom Boxing card at the Copper Box Arena in London, England. Fight fans around the world can catch the action live on DAZN. Both fighters will be competing in their second fight of 2024.

Ahead of their July 6 clash, Fisher and Babić spoke at a final press conference. Below is some of what they had to say.

Johnny Fisher vs. Alen Babić: Press Conference Quotes

Johnny Fisher

“Very ready, Eddie [Hearn],” said Fisher. “I don’t know when I said I was tough, but I’m ready for the challenge. I’m excited to get in there. We talk about deep waters and my dad not getting in the ring, fans not getting in the ring. It’s very true. It’s just going to be me and you and I’m big, I’m strong, I’m powerful, I’m fast. There’s a realization when my fists land on you, it’s not good. It’s not going to be a good thing.”

“Just remember, deep waters are coming. I’m there, you’re there…Less talk, more action. Saturday night, it’s me and you. That’s all that matters.”

Alen Babić

“Thank you for having me,” said Babić. “I’m just blessed to be here like always, but Alen is not here with us. Today it is ‘The Savage.’ This is about the resurrection of ‘The Savage.’ You made a mistake Eddie Hearn when you slide into my DM for another time asking about Johnny Fisher. I was in shock that you would put the boy through this, but let’s go. Let’s go through it.”

“I said yes [to the fight] because you underestimated ‘The Savage.’ Everybody underestimates ‘The Savage.’ The whole [of] my life has been like that but never like this because I was fighting big men when Johnny Fisher was 10 years old. I was knocking them out cold. So I’m going to show you. Boxing will be the only judge on the night. Nobody’s going to save him. Nobody’s going to be with him. He has so many fans and his father’s doing amazing job and I’m jealous. But listen, to be here I had to claw my way to be at this stage. He just had to ride, like drive a car [for] 10 minutes. I had to do 100 fights [in] this shit arena [where] people are trying to kill me, literally. So I’m going to show you what boxing can do on Saturday night.”

Fight Prediction

This fight is almost certainly not going the distance. It may not even get to round five. Expect punches to fly from the opening bell. While both fighters have their limitations, Fisher appears to be the more polished. Expect an early knockout win for “The Romford Bull.”

Full Press Conference

To view the entire press conference, click here or the play button below. Video courtesy of Matchroom Boxing.

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