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Jamaine Ortiz signs with Break Media

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Jamaine Ortiz signs with Break Media

Break Media

Jamaine Ortiz signs with Break Media

Break Media announced on Monday the signing of undefeated super lightweight Jamaine Ortiz (13-0, 7 KOs). Ortiz is current the WBC Youth Super Lightweight Champion, and “The Technician” spoke with Big Fight Weekend to lay out his plans for the future once the pandemic subsides.

First things first, Jamaine, how have you been during this pandemic, and how are you staying active?

“To be honest, it’s been a blessing on my side, my family’s. Everybody’s been healthy, and everybody around me has been productive on my side. I haven’t I haven’t been accessible to fully a full boxing gym, but me and my coach been able to do one on one here. I’ve been able to keep my strength and conditioning up, so I’m definitely still fell like I’ve been growing stronger.”

Now that you signed with Break Media, how is that going to boost your career?

“I think it’s going to be a great collaboration with then (with Break Media) on my part. Their ability to connect the fans and brands to help create that fan base, I think it’s going to be a great asset to my team.”

One of the big things they do is create personal stories like the series Boxing Moms. Can you explain to me how important it is to be fighting for your daughter, Amaire?

“Oh yeah, my daughter, she’s my number one. She’s my rock. She’s my ride or die. She is always with me by my side. I love her to death, and she’s the motivation I need to why I push so hard. There’s no reason for me ever to stop what I’m doing or to lack what I’m doing because I know I have her to be fighting for.”

As an amateur, you took on some big prospect names currently like Jaron Ennis, Gary Antuanne Russell, and Abraham Nova. Are those bouts that you would like to have again in the pro ranks?

“If I get the chance to, I think those would be a great matchup. We fought in the amateurs and then just to have another foot into the pros, knowing we were the top dogs in the amateurs. I think it’d be a great matchup and well definitely be one that I would love to have. I think it’d be great for the fans too.”

Once boxing is up and running again, is their anybody you wanted to face?

“Once this pandemic is over, I don’t know but whoever they line up for me. I know I want to fight somebody on the top 15 rankings list to get my rankings up higher. Right now, I’m 16th on Boxrec, so somewhere, anybody on those lists above me to get more recognized and to fight for the NABF or another title.”

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