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Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury Double Or Nothing Purse

Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury Double Or Nothing Purse

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Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury Double Or Nothing Purse

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Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury Double Or Nothing Purse

With the third attempt at a pay-per-view main event now just days away, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury met with the media in Saudi Arabia Thursday night.

And intriguing bit of hype ensued as the YouTube/social media star Paul offered the half brother of Tyson Fury a “double or nothing” proposition for his purse in their scheduled eight round bout promoted by Queensberry Promotions, Top Rank Boxing and Paul’s MVP Promotions,

The fighters sat on a dais separated, not only by moderators and Saudi Arabian dignitaries, but also, by heavyweight contender Derek Chisora, who’s considered an ambassador for this eight round cruiserweight battle.

And, after the usual bravado of both men claiming what they would do to the other, Paul made one of his customary wagers with his opponent. It’s well known that Paul and his MVP promotions are largely fronting the purse money for this battle.

The Wager

Well, Paul made it clear Thursday he’s willing to double Fury’s purse if Fury can beat him Sunday night in the Middle Eastern desert. However, the wager does have a catch. Paul said to Fury,

“So, I think we make a deal then, since you’re so confident. If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. But, if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you.”

The British media is reporting that Fury is to make a staggering $2 million pounds guaranteed to step through the ropes and face the former actor turned fighter Paul. He reportedly could make over $4 million after his share of the PPV.

For his part, Paul is supposedly guaranteed over $3 million and could reportedly make, as much as $8.5 if the PPV soars.

Speaking of wagers, our friends at BetUS are offering you a $50 free bet just for signing up this weekend, as part of the Paul-Fury bout. Click here to get it,

It was after both fighters stood up and traded some insults, that Fury’s father John at least verbally agreed to the hype bet, “Done. You gotta deal. All or nothing,” he exclaimed at Paul. “All or nothing.”

Obviously, it’s unlikely that Fury is actually agreeing to potentially fight for free should he lose. However, it was an intriguing moment in an otherwise predictable and largely dull news conference for the two.

Sunday nights bout has been almost 2 years in the making and it was canceled both times due to Fury’s antics. That includes him having postponed their fight for December 2021 in Tampa, FL for what he said Thursday was supposed rib injury in training.

Fury also confirmed Thursday that the rescheduling of the fight for last Summer was scuttled, when he was forbidden from traveling to the U.S. because of a travel ban instituted by the U.S. government on the known associates of wanted crime figure Daniel Kinnahan. Kinnahan and his family members remain fugitives on multiple crime charges from money laundering, racketeering and even, murder. Kinahan has been a friend and advisor to the Furys going back over a decade.

Fury and his family, his WBC heavyweight champ brother Tyson, were all in attendance in Saudi Arabia and are ready to go for the PPV Sunday.

Paul boasts a 6-0 record, 4 KOs, with his previous three fights being against UFC former champions. Two of them against the former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley. Paul destroyed Woodley with a one punch bomb KO, when he took Fury’s place in December 2021. And, Paul’s most recent bout last October against MMA/UFC legend Anderson Silva, whom he decisioned.

Fury is 8-0 in his fifth year as a pro. He previously had a short amateur background in England, as well, winning a couple of regional titles in 2016-17.

Now we’ll find out how much credence “double of nothing” really has in it?

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