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Undefeated Showdown: Hamzah Sheeraz and Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams Feeling Confident Ahead of Riyadh Clash

Undefeated Showdown: Hamzah Sheeraz and Austin 'Ammo' Williams Feeling Confident Ahead of Riyadh Clash

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Undefeated Showdown: Hamzah Sheeraz and Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams Feeling Confident Ahead of Riyadh Clash

Photo credit: Mark Robinson - Matchroom Boxing

Undefeated Showdown: Hamzah Sheeraz and Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams Feeling Confident Ahead of Riyadh Clash

Hamzah Sheeraz (19-0, 15 KOs) and Austin “Ammo” Williams (16-0, 11 KOs) will clash in a battle of the undefeated this Saturday.

The two meet on a card that pits five Matchroom Boxing fighters against five from Queensberry Promotions. Fight fans can catch the action live as a PPV on DAZN. Those in the United Kingdom can also purchase it from TNT Sports, discovery+, Sky, EE TV and Prime Video.

Queensberry vs. Matchroom 5v5 will take place at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is part of Riyadh Season, a state-funded entertainment and sports festival. The Saudi Arabian General Entertainment Authority is responsible for its organization.

Sheeraz and Williams spoke at a final press conference Thursday in Riyadh to promote the June 1 bout. Below is some of what they had to say.

Hamzah Sheeraz and Ammo Williams in Clash of the Undefeated


“I’m just locked in for Saturday night,” said Sheeraz. “I’m locked in, ready to go, done what I need to do and that’s it. Everything I need to say, I’ve said to Ammo’s face in that faceoff and that’s what it is. Fight night’s 48 hours away and I’m ready.”

“I understand the assignment I’ve got in front of me. We haven’t took it lightly. We know what we’ve got to do. But like I said, a fight of this magnitude, with the history that it’s got between the two promoters and whatnot, that’s the only thing I should have in my mind. To put a pure beating on my opponent.”

“It’s a massive honour [to be captain for Queensberry for this event]. It’s a massive honour. It just shows how much faith and trust Frank [Warren] has in me and I think the only way to pay him back would be to get them extra four points In Sha Allah.”


“It’s really no thinking at this point,” said Williams. “Everything you witness from me is totally my energy. It’s me, it’s 100 per cent. There’s no second thought, there’s no curation. It’s just me.”

“As a fighter, we can just tell who’s really born for this and who’s not. I just feel like he’s [Hamzah Sheeraz] not really, truly born for this. I think he’s be manoeuvred right. He got picked right out of the amateurs. Frank [Warren] did a great job with him, making his career look the way it does. That’s one of the reasons why I called him out back in September. Eddie [Hearn] knows I’ve been coming after Hamzah because the aesthetic of things would look really good for me. Now I’m just ready to show who I am. I’ve really evolved and went through a state of metamorphosis to become something a lot more dangerous than you’ve ever seen before and on Saturday it will be on full display.”

“A full blown war. Something that I know that Hamzah [doesn’t is] he’s never been through anything like he’s going to go through on Saturday night. It’s going to be a mental fortitude that he’s going to have to stir up, ask his self questions. You guys will see. You guys will totally see. I can’t talk about it anymore. I’m just totally ready to show it.”

Hamzah Sheeraz vs. Austin Williams Fight Prediction

Sheeraz has been on a destructive run since moving up to middleweight, knocking out five opponents without going past round six. It is hard to Williams being able to deal with what Sheeraz brings to the table. Williams does have power that can end fights, but he will need much more than that to win. Expect a knockout victory for the Queensberry man in the middle rounds.

Final Press Conference

For more from the final press conference, click here or the play button below. Video courtesy of Matchroom Boxing.

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