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Charlo doesn’t feel overshadowed by Alvarez

Jermall Charlo On Fighting Montiel "Going To Whoop His Ass"

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Charlo doesn’t feel overshadowed by Alvarez

Esther Lin/Showtime

Charlo doesn’t feel overshadowed by Alvarez

Jermall Charlo is back in action this Saturday at the Barclays Center against challenger Dennis Hogan and the World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight champion understands that the sanctioning body of his strap beats to their own drum.

On the media conference call this week, Charlo explained that the WBC does what they want and most can pick that up.

“Real fans and real boxing fans not the casual or just people who don’t know boxing, they understand and they know that I had nothing to do with it,” Charlo explained on the media call. “The WBC calls its own shot and makes their own rules and they have been doing that for years.”

Charlo is absolutely right with the WBC doing just that. The topic all came about as Charlo became WBC champ by being elevated from interim when they gave Canelo Alvarez the franchise designation early in the year. That move pretty much dropped the interim label for Charlo and he retained by beating Brandon Adams in a one sided unanimous decision in his native Houston back in June.

Charlo explained on the call he had no involvement in that process and actually gave the best explanation of the franchise designation this year I have heard so far.

“I absolutely had nothing to do with Canelo moving up to the franchise but if you think about it – if they say hey, you won a lottery you are like, I forgot I played the lottery. You are not going to like not take the money, right? So think about it like it’s just a world title trophy to me. My legacy means more than me just having a belt,” Charlo explained.”

“Everyone in boxing they understand, so for anyone who don’t, they will understand later.”

Charlo ha a chance to build on his legacy by taking on his toughest opponent yet in Hogan this weekend which will air on Showtime.

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