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Bradley to Joshua- ‘He’s got to knock him out’

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Bradley to Joshua- ‘He’s got to knock him out’

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Bradley to Joshua- ‘He’s got to knock him out’

Never one to not speak his mind, former world champion and current ESPN boxing analyst Tim Bradley had some advice for  Anthony Joshua, if he wants to be victorious in the rematch against Andy Ruiz.

Bradley in a recent interview to, stressed the importance of Joshua stopping Ruiz in their much anticipated rematch taking place on December 7th out in Saudi Arabia. 

“He’s got to knock him out'” Bradley told”It was a mental thing and it was a fact that he got caught right on the button. It was a fact that he didn’t train like he normally trains for big fights. He possibly took Ruiz lightly in looking at his physique like – ‘oh, he’s nothing.'”

“Giving him his belts at the weigh-in. Like – ‘here, hold my belts’ – at the press conference. I’m like ‘yo, this dude is being a little bit too nice.’ He’s like trying to be the brother-in-law of Ruiz a little bit. I just thought that was odd. I thought all of those gestures were odd.”

Ruiz in recent training photos and interviews has been saying that he has been getting slimmed down for the fight with Joshua. Bradley’s issue is that Ruiz slimming down lose some of his  power by cutting down on his weight.

“I don’t like the fact that Ruiz is changing his whole look and whole physique,”Bradley said.. “I think that’s going to hurt him, but I think he might speed up with the hand speed. It might speed up, but I’m worried about the power.”

“I don’t know if he’s going to have the weight behind his punches anymore, and that’s what he’s going to need honestly. That’s what he’s going to need to stop Joshua. He’s going to need that punching power and his speed behind it.”

A lot of people are thinking that Ruiz shedding his ‘dad bod’ image is not a good idea. As always, we’ll see if Bradley and others who share this stance are right when they square ff near the end of the year.

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Marquis Johns is a unknown humorist and avid boxing fan. His love for the sweet science goes back to when matches were 15 rounds and has been covering fights since closed-circuit pay-per-views. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth is not only a quote by Mike Tyson, it's also a pretty good reminder to keep your guard up.

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