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Angel Acosta vs. Angelino Cordova Fight Results: Cordova Earns UD

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Angel Acosta vs. Angelino Cordova Fight Results: Cordova Earns UD

Angel Acosta vs. Angelino Cordova Fight Results: Cordova Earns UD

Angelino Cordova earns a unanimous decision victory over Angel ‘Tito’ Acosta in a fight that was extremely close.

Golden Boy Promotions returned with their Thursday night series on DAZN, and all the fights ended in a stoppage except for the main event. Flyweight Angelino Cordova (18-0-1) pulled the upset unanimous decision victory over Angel ‘Tito’ Acosta (23-4). The three judges scored it 96-93, 95-94 & 95-94, all for Cordova.

It was a very close fight. How did you see it?

In the first round, Acosta dictated most of the round with a stiff left jab. Cordova couldn’t get going, and Acosta caught him with a counter left hook, which got his opponent’s attention. During the second round, Cordova started out by being super aggressive. Acosta was trying to land some shots, but Cordova kept holding. Acosta then landed some clean right hooks from mid-range, which stunned Cordova.

In the third round, Acosta was picking up the action, landing some big right hooks and working Cordova’s body. A cut opened up on the left eyebrow of Cordova from a headbutt. Cordova was being aggressive but holding a ton in the fourth round. Cordova was also deducted a point for a rabbit punch. Toward the end of the round, both men went blow for blow as the round ended, bringing the crowd off of their seats.

Midway through the fight, Cordova was outworking Acosta. It seemed as if Acosta took the round off as he wasn’t throwing as much, and he looked a little gassed. In the sixth round, Acosta didn’t seem right in this round either, as Cordova was doing all of the work and dictating the pace. Cordova was landing some big left hooks, getting Acosta’s attention. Cordova landed a big left hook that rocked Acosta toward the end of the round.

During the seventh round, Cordova continued to dictate the pace. Acosta looked frustrated and tired as he couldn’t quite land the big shots. Although Cordova was dominating the eighth round, Acosta landed a big left hook, sending Cordova’s mouthpiece flying. That woke up Acosta, and he started throwing a ton of punches as the round ended.

In the ninth round, another Acosta left hook sent Cordova’s mouthpiece flying out again. Towards the end of the round, Acosta landed some left hooks that would make you wonder how Cordova was still standing. Acosta finished the fight like a champion, applying a ton of pressure and landing some big left hooks. One of those left hooks had Cordova hurt, but he spit his mouthpiece and kept holding, which bought him some time.

At the end of the fight, Acosta looked disappointed as he thought he did enough to win the decision, but the judges saw this one differently. Cordova called out the flyweight champions as what he would like to do next.

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