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Adrian Clark debuts ‘Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning’ on March 30

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Adrian Clark debuts ‘Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning’ on March 30

Adrian Clark debuts ‘Protect Yourself At All Times: The Beginning’ on March 30

The boxing world is filled with some questionable people, and if you are a fighter, you must be careful who you hire to represent you while keeping your best interest in mind. Insert soon-to-be 37-year-old Adrian Clark from Dallas, TX. Clark graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and appeared in the Forbes Magazine “30 under 30” under the sports category.

Clark is the CEO of Fighters First Management and is an author as well which he has a company surrounding his first book called Protect Yourself at All Times. He used that book and his experiences to create the long-awaited short film “Protect Yourself at All Times: The Beginning.” To celebrate the release of his first film, Clark has a premiere in his hometown of Dallas, TX, on March 30 at the IPIC Theater Fairview. The premiere is already sold out, but information regarding the additional screenings will be released soon.


In the press release sent out earlier today, Clark said,”Today’s generation often best absorbs information through visual media.” A book isn’t enough to reach all the athletes who can create long-term success through hard work and dedication. This is why I’ve turned the key concepts in the book into life lessons, depicted through the relationship between a father and son.”

While there are plenty of cases where fighters were misrepresented and ended up bankrupt, Clark has maintained his position of helping fighters to get what they deserve. When asked about this year’s mission, Clark told Big Fight Weekend, “Just to continue to plant that flag. Clark continued, “We want the best fighters to sign with our company. However, I still have ‘Protect Yourself at All Times’ as a company, so when fighters come to me, I’m not automatically thinking I have to get them with Fighters First. I’m thinking what’s the best thing for them given what they want for their careers.”

Adrian Clark on Instagram @ac_clark and Protect Yourself at All Times @pyaat_.

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