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Where Does Floyd Mayweather Rank In Conor McGregor Biggest Bouts?

Where Does Floyd Mayweather Rank In Conor McGregor Biggest Bouts?


Where Does Floyd Mayweather Rank In Conor McGregor Biggest Bouts?

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Where Does Floyd Mayweather Rank In Conor McGregor Biggest Bouts?

In the world of mixed martial arts, few names resonate as loudly as that of Conor McGregor. His brash personality and flamboyant lifestyle may dominate the headlines, but his prowess inside the UFC Octagon is unquestionable. His fights are known for their intensity, showmanship, and ultimately, technical mastery.

Today, we delve into the archives to relive the top five performances by McGregor that not only reiterate his dominance in the sport but also have left an indelible mark on the annals of UFC history. Strap in; we’re about to take a thrilling ride down memory lane.

Conor McGregor Biggest Bouts

1. Jose Aldo

Located at the pinnacle of this list is the spectacle that was McGregor versus Jose Aldo at UFC 194. This matchup was not just a fight; it was a seismic event that reverberated through the MMA world. It was the proverbial “David versus Goliath,” as Aldo, the reigning pound-for-pound king, faced the audacious and unrelenting McGregor.

Leading up to the fight, he had already claimed victory in the mental warfare, belittling Aldo with a torrent of verbal assaults that left the king visibly rattled. When the Octagon gate closed, this mental impact was apparent as Aldo, usually the epitome of calmness, looked rigid and uneasy. In stark contrast, McGregor was all smiles, relaxed, and seemingly in control.

The fight, however, was over before it began. With a precision that was as devastating as it was breathtaking, McGregor halted the Aldo reign with a left-hand punch, just as he had predicted. A mere 13 seconds was all it took to feel the beast and crown a new king.

This fight consolidated the Irishman’s position in the UFC and captured the imagination of fight fans around the globe. His victory over Aldo was a resounding statement: McGregor was not just a lot of talk. He was here to stay, and he was as good as he said he was.

2. Eddie Alvarez

The second spot in our rundown is reserved for McGregor’s duel with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. The stakes were high – the opportunity to become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two championships in different weight divisions concurrently. Alvarez, the reigning lightweight champion, was a daunting adversary known for his tenacity and resilience. However, McGregor was unfazed, fueled by his audacious ambition to rewrite the UFC record books.

The fight was a masterclass from McGregor. From the outset, he seized control, dropping Alvarez multiple times in the first round. He was effortless, relaxed, and unyielding, showing off his left hand’s mythical power. His defence was equally impressive; whenever Alvarez attacked, McGregor would vanish, only to reemerge right in Alvarez’s face.

The second round brought the fight to a swift end. McGregor’s unforgiving combination of four to five consecutive shots left Alvarez defenceless, and the referee had no choice but to step in. McGregor had made history and, in doing so, etched his name into the annals of the UFC as one of its greatest fighters. It was a performance that was as bold as it was brilliant, underlining McGregor’s exceptional martial arts prowess. His post-fight speech, full of his typical bravado, was just the cherry on top of an unforgettable night.

3. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

The third highlight of McGregor’s illustrious career brings us to his confrontation with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246. This encounter was riddled with scepticism, particularly due to the choice of weight class. Both fighters had their sights set on a lightweight title shot, yet decided on a 170 lbs contest. The anticipation was palpable, as the two had been trading barbs for a while, setting the stage for an inevitable showdown. This bout was more than a fight; it was a tribute to Cowboy’s illustrious career, offering him a well-deserved payoff and a prominent main event.

From the get-go, McGregor wasted no time, defending awkwardly against an initial takedown attempt and injuring Cerrone with a swift hip strike. Moments later, in a clinch at the centre of the Octagon, he unleashed a series of powerful shoulder strikes, leaving Cerrone seriously wounded. With Cerrone attempting to recover his composure, McGregor delivered a left high kick directly onto Cowboy’s chin, and the legendary fighter was down. With an onslaught of punches following the kick, the Irish fighter secured the win in approximately 40 seconds.

This fight was more than a victory; it signalled a triumphant return for McGregor, showcasing him in peak form and reigniting his title-run aspirations.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fourth entry in this list is undoubtedly one of the most highly-publicized events in combat sports history. Conor McGregor faced off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a unique boxing match known as “The Money Fight.” Mayweather, a seasoned boxing legend with an unblemished record, was an adversary unlike any McGregor had faced, but could he become a better boxer than a UFC fighter?

Even though this was McGregor’s professional boxing debut, he entered the match with his usual swagger. The bout started surprisingly competitive, with the Irishman landing impressive blows in the early rounds, showing commendable boxing skills against one of the sport’s greatest.

However, as the fight progressed into the later rounds, Mayweather’s experience and boxing expertise began to shine through. McGregor, unfamiliar with the pacing of a 12-round boxing match, started to fatigue. Mayweather seized the opportunity, ramping up the pressure and eventually securing a TKO victory in the tenth round.

Despite the loss, McGregor’s performance against Mayweather was a testament to his adaptability and courage. Venturing out of his MMA comfort zone to challenge one of boxing’s best, McGregor once again proved he is a fighter who embraces challenges and defies expectations.

5. Nate Diaz II

The fourth entry in our catalogue of McGregor’s greatest hits brings us to the much-awaited rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202. What makes this fight iconic is not just the drama that unfolded within the Octagon but also the redemption arc it represented for McGregor. The first bout with Diaz had been a gruelling lesson in complacency for the Irishman, a jarring reminder that even greats can stumble. But it was his response in the rematch that truly exemplified his spirit.

The fight unfolded as a five-round war, each minute dripping with tension. McGregor started strong, his left hand finding its mark repeatedly and flooring Diaz multiple times in the first round. Clear lessons had been learned from their previous encounter, with McGregor pacing himself better, managing his energy, and strategically targeting Diaz’s front leg.

However, Diaz, ever the resilient warrior, refused to bow down. He clawed his way back into the fight in the later rounds, pushing “Notorious” to his limits and forcing him to retreat at times. The back-and-forth nature of the bout had fans on the edge of their seats, each round a breathtaking dance of power and resilience.

When the final bell rang, it was McGregor, battered but unbroken, who had his hand raised. It wasn’t his cleanest performance, far from the swift victories he was known for. However, in its grit and determination, the fight stands out as one of his most memorable wins.

Final Thoughts

In the MMA world, few fighters have managed to create an impact like Conor McGregor. His brash confidence, unorthodox fighting style, and uncanny ability to back up his talk with action have etched his name in the annals of the sport. Whether he was making history as the first simultaneous two-division champion or engaging in epic wars of attrition against boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr., “Notorious” has consistently shown why he’s a fighter worth watching.

With his return to the Octagon coming soon, the MMA betting odds are already buzzing with excitement. Fans and bettors alike eagerly anticipate his next fight, eager to see what new chapter McGregor will write in his UFC legacy.

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