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Top 6 Most Impressive Boxing Records

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Top 6 Most Impressive Boxing Records

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Top 6 Most Impressive Boxing Records

Boxing has existed for hundreds of years and is still among the most popular sports globally. During the history of the sport, there have been many several boxers that have gained global recognition for their achievements in the ring. Some of these boxers have earned boxing records that many people didn’t think were possible in the sport. This article explores the top six most impressive boxing records.

Oldest World Champion – Bernard Hopkins

The first boxing record on this list is somewhat unusual but impressive nonetheless. Boxers that become world champions are, on average, 29 years old. Some famous names that became world champions at this age include Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Rocky Marciano. This is the age when many professional boxers have matured and entered their prime, performing at their best.

This was not the case for Bernard Hopkins, who won the title to become the world champion at 49 years old. Hopkins could do this due to their determination to consistently improve as a boxer while caring for himself outside the ring. Not only is Bernard Hopkins the oldest boxer to become a world champion but he is also considered the most senior athlete performing at a professional level. If you’re more interested in keeping updated on more recent events, you’ll have no trouble finding a reliable source to check the latest results from this year’s World Boxing Championships.

Longest KO Streak – Wilfredo Gomez

The next record on this list belongs to Wifredo Gomez for the longest streak of knockouts in boxing history. Astonishingly, this record includes knockouts during the world championship, making this achievement even more impressive. Wilfredo Gomez’s knockout streak is 32 consecutive knockouts in 32 fights, 13 of which were during the world championship. No one has yet come close to this unbelievable feat, and he will hold this title for some time.

Shortest Heavyweight Champion – Tommy Burns

Heavyweight fighters are best known for being massive in weight and height. Heavyweight champions are usually taller than six feet and weigh over 200 pounds. Tommy Burns was the exception to this rule, at just five feet seven inches tall, becoming the smallest heavyweight champion of all time. In addition, Tommy Burns was the first and only heavyweight Champion to come out of Canada. He was such a strong fighter in the ring that he defended his title 13 times, showing that height isn’t everything in heavyweight boxing.

Heaviest Titleholder – Nikolai Valuev

Going from the shortest heavyweight champion to the heaviest titleholder, Nikolai Valeuv takes this record, weighing in at well over 200 pounds. When Nikolai Valuev won his title, he weighed in at an impressive 328 pounds. He also stood seven feet tall, which gave him the name of the Russian Giant. In both 2005 and 2009, Valuev won the world title, solidifying himself in the history books of boxing. The heavyweight class in boxing has the highest number of knockouts compared to other divisions due to the power that the fighters in the class have, thanks to their size and weight. Out of the 53 opponents Nikolai Valuev fought in his career, he finished 34 of these fights with a knockout, showing just how talented a boxer he was.

Defeated Most Titleholders – Floyd Mayweather

In the world of boxing, winning a title is the peak of any professional boxer’s career. To become a world champion, you must defeat the current fighter with the world title. Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous names in the history of boxing due to his success in the sport. Mayweather retired from the sport with a flawless record of 50 wins and zero losses, 27 of these wins were by knockout. In addition to this fantastic feat, Mayweather also holds the record for defeating the most amount titleholders throughout his career at 23, showing that he is undoubtedly one of the best boxers to get inside of the ring in history.

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Most Wins in a Career – Len Wickwar

Having the most wins in a boxing career is something any professional boxer would love to hold the record for. However, this title belongs to Len Wickwar, who won a whopping 339 fights out of the 467 times he got inside the ring. This is a truly remarkable feat that will likely never be repeated again, as professional boxers no longer fight multiple times in a single month. This, however, does not take away from just how impressive the achievement is.

Boxing is a sport that requires a huge amount of dedication and strength to reach the highest level, with only a select few rising to the top. Some of these professional boxers have managed the unthinkable, setting records that many people didn’t think were possible. It is unknown if these records will ever be beaten again, but only time will tell if another boxer will rise to the challenge and steal these titles in the future.

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