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Tim Tszyu vs. Tony Harrison Fight Results: Tszyu Scores Big 9th Rd TKO (Video)

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Tim Tszyu vs. Tony Harrison Fight Results: Tszyu Scores Big 9th Rd TKO (Video)

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Tim Tszyu vs. Tony Harrison Fight Results: Tszyu Scores Big 9th Rd TKO (Video)

Tim Tszyu proves that he is ready for a world title shot as he broke down Tony Harrison on his way to a ninth round TKO victory.

In what was an intriguing matchup coming into Saturday night live on Showtime, Tim Tszyu (22-0) proved that he has earned the right to a shot at the undisputed crown by scoring a ninth-round TKO victory over Tony Harrison (29-4-1). Tszyu can now set his sights on Jermell Charlo for a fight that looks to take place later this year.

In the first round, Harrison dominated the round with nothing but left jabs to the head and body of Tszyu. It seemed like Tszyu was looking to see what Harrison had and only threw a few punches to the head throughout the round. The right uppercut was the money punch for Tszyu in round two, and it was a better round for him as he started to land combinations to Harrison’s head. Although Tszyu did more in this round, Harrison consistently pumped the left lab.

The third round was a big one for Tszyu as he landed a long overhand right which rocked Harrison badly. Then towards the end of the round, Tszyu kept landing the overhand right along with a hard short left hook. Round four was a close round as Harrison started to move along the ropes and continued to see success with the left jab. Tszyu began to land the left hook on the body but missed a few times with some big hooks.

In the fifth round, Tszyu continued to pick it up as he was landing a 1-2 upstairs and would follow it up with a hard left hook to the body. The body punches were adding up, and Harrison couldn’t pull the trigger on his right hand. Round six came, and Harrison pumped the double jab as Tszyu kept pressuring throughout the round. Tszyu did land more of the effective punches that caught the attention of those in attendance.

While Harrison kept the jab going in the seventh round, Tszyu was waiting on the perfect shot but ended up settling for a few combinations. Then in the eighth round, both men fought in a phone booth while exchanging hard, short shots. They spent most of the time in close, giving both men a little breather.

In the ninth round, Harrison looked spent, and Tszyu sensed it was time to go for it. After landing some big combinations up top, sending Harrison to the ropes, Tszyu threw four consecutive right uppercuts and finished it with a big right hand that sent Harrison down. After beating the count, the referee made Harrison walk side to side and, after observing him, decided to stop the fight.

This win makes the Tszyu vs. Charlo fight a “can’t miss” event. Charlo mentioned he would be ready to return by late summer, so let’s hope we can get this matchup before the end of the year.

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