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Top 10 Tyson Fury Quotes That Highlight His Legacy

Top 10 Tyson Fury Quotes


Top 10 Tyson Fury Quotes That Highlight His Legacy

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Top 10 Tyson Fury Quotes That Highlight His Legacy

Tyson Fury has entertained us inside and out of the ring throughout his career. The Gypsy King is one of the most iconic boxers in history, with his witty comments about his rivals and dazzling boxing skills. Fury has inspired many throughout his battles with mental health, right through to his razor-sharp comments aimed at his heavyweight rivals. At Big Fight Weekend, we wanted to pay homage to the Gypsy King and look at the top 10 Tyson Fury quotes.

10 Classic Tyson Fury Quotes

  1. “There are 7 billion people in the world, but there’s only one heavyweight champion of the world, and that’s me.” Fury’s self-belief has taken him to the pinnacle of boxing and continues to drive him onto new levels.
  2. “I don’t fight like Mike Tyson. I’m nothing at all like Mike Tyson. I’m out to build my own legacy and not live off anyone else’s name.” This quote from the Gypsy King highlights how much he wants to build his legacy in boxing.
  3. “It’s not about how much money I’m getting paid. It’s just a love of one-on-one combat. I feel I’m at home. I love the ring entrances, the talking. I’m the master of it all.” Fury is a fighter before anything else, and this quote proves what’s important to him.
  4. “I’ve been in crisis situations, I’ve been down, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been behind on the scorecards, and I’ve had to pull that shot out to knock somebody out. I’ve been in all kinds of situations and still come out on top.” This quote is a testament to Fury’s resolve and how he never gives up.
  5. “If enough people talk about mental health, then it’s gonna raise more and more awareness and soon or later this crisis will have to be addressed properly.” The Gypsy King has been through his battles outside of the ring, and he continues to inspire others to talk about their problems.
  6. “I had everything but it didn’t mean anything. I wanted to die on a daily basis. So material goods are only good for when things are going right in your life.” This quote gives an insight into the struggles Fury went through.
  7. “Mental health has got to be the biggest battle I’ve ever fought with, more than any opponent.” This quote is undoubtedly one of Fury’s most memorable, making people realise they are not alone and can recover.
  8. “I’ve been as low as anybody can go and as high as anyone can go, and you can always overcome these problems that one may have.” The struggles Fury has come through are a testament to his resilience.
  9. “People can say what they want about me. But I’ve got a big heart and will keep going.” This quote from Fury highlights the determination to win every battle inside and outside the ring.
  10. “I can sit here as a man who has experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows, and I know exactly what you’re going through. But my message to you today is, help is around the corner.” The understanding shown by Fury in this quote is a testament to the difference he wants to make.

The career of Fury has been one of ups and downs, but with the Gypsy King still undefeated, it feels like there are plenty more fights on the horizon for the WBC heavyweight champion.

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