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Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: How Sensational Clash Came About

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: How Sensational Clash Came About


Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: How Sensational Clash Came About

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Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson: How Sensational Clash Came About

Some people love it. Some people hate it because they feel it damages the purity of boxing. Some people are merely curious, but celebrity boxing matches could become the future. The sport is as much about entertainment as it is about elite fighters, which is why the trend of celebrities stepping through the ring ropes and facing pro fighters has become so popular in recent times. 

Fans are engaging more with boxing as the social media feuds between the two combatants become part of the build-up to the fight. 

One event that has captured the attention of the media, boxing fans, boxing betting fans and the wider general public is the upcoming bout between “Iron” Mike Tyson and former YouTuber Jake “The Problem Child” Paul. Below is a look at Paul’s career, how the fight came about, why one of the GOATs took the fight and some of the rules of the fight

How Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Came About

From Vine Videos to Professional Boxing

Before stepping inside a boxing ring, Paul was making his name online, first on the Twitter short video platform Vine in 2013 and then, a year later, on YouTube. He’d post comedy videos and make music. His YouTube channel sent his popularity skyrocketing and in 2015, he landed some acting work with Disney.

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However, trouble was afoot in Hollywood and forced Paul to leave the acting world, prompting him to turn his hand to boxing. In his first amateur fight against Deji Olatunji, he won by a stoppage in the fifth round. In his professional debut two years later, he knocked out AnEson Gib. Since then, he’s stepped into the ring nine more times and lost only once, which he did against pro boxer Tommy Fury losing by a split decision. Other famous pro fighters he’s chalked up wins against include mixed martial arts (MMA) stars Nate Diaz, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Taking on One of the Greatest Heavyweight Fighters in the World

Tyson, who will have turned 58 by the time of the bout, and Paul go head-to-head at AT&T Stadium (home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys) in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, July 20. It all started when Paul appeared on a podcast, joking about eating lots of doughnuts and moving up to heavyweight before calling out Tyson and inviting him to get inside the ring.

More earnestly, however, Paul is reported as having said he wishes to become a world champion and that to do it he wants to fight against real fighters. He sees the fight as a chance to prove himself against the man he considers the greatest heavyweight champion ever. 

The last time Tyson stepped inside a boxing ring was in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. The fight was an exhibition bout and ended in a draw. From 1987 to 1990, “Iron” Mike was the undisputed heavyweight champion. After winning 55 fights, 44 by knockout, the “Baddest Man on the Planet” hung up his gloves in 2005 to retire. 

Accepting to Fight a Former Youtuber

Tyson is reported to have admitted being scared of “Problem Child.” He knows he’s fighting a professional boxer of now, not the YouTuber of 10 years ago. He understands the 27-year-old will be stepping into the ring to hurt the veteran heavyweight. As the fight edges closer and reality takes over, however, Tyson will lose his fear.

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Although the fight is thought to be a big payday for Tyson, not everyone believes money is the prime motivator. Some have commented the New York boxing legend is missing the thrill of being in the ring. There’s still very much a fighter in the former heavyweight, and the fight gives him a chance to remind the world about him. 

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul: A Few Ground Rules

Anticipation is building around the event, and there have been some terms and conditions, plus rumours about some of the rules of the match. 

One of the conditions to have been reported is that Tyson would only agree to the fight if it was an exhibition bout, not a professional one. This may just have been a rumour, but either way, it’s not likely to have pleased boxing fans.

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Tyson has, however, quashed two other rumours around the rules of the fight. Despite the event being billed as an exhibition match, he’s made it clear it’s a fight and has confirmed the fighters will not be wearing 16 oz gloves and head guards. It will be just two warriors doing battle in the ring. 

When “Iron” Mike and “Problem Child” meet in the centre of the ring in July, millions will be watching. Paul has come a long way and built a respectable fight record since his YouTuber days, and Tyson, despite having seen the years roll by since he was in his brutal prime – is still in good shape and throwing as vicious punches as ever. The fight could go either way. 

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