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Top 5 Jake Paul Quotes That Highlight His Legacy

Top 5 Jake Paul Quotes That Highlight His Legacy


Top 5 Jake Paul Quotes That Highlight His Legacy


Top 5 Jake Paul Quotes That Highlight His Legacy

Like him or loathe him, Jake Paul has entertained us inside and outside of the ring during his short but eventful boxing career. The Problem Child has used his social media presence to impressively catapult himself into memorable clashes against mostly ex-UFC stars. He’s shown during his knockouts of Tyron WoodleyBen Askren and Nate Robinson that he possesses knockout power. Paul’s only loss came against Tommy Fury via split decision, and it’s clear the Problem Child will want to try and avenge that defeat sooner rather than later. In the run-up to Paul vs Nate Diaz on August 5, we wanted to look at Jake Paul’s life and bring you five memorable quotes from the Problem Child.

5 Memorable Quotes From Jake Paul

Classic Quotes From the Problem Child

  1. “Personally, I attribute pretty much all of my success to my father. He was so hard and so tough on us that my brother and I’s imaginations really started to flare up. So one day we get a camera and we just start filming our lives.” In Paul’s Netflix documentary, he talks about his difficult relationship with his father – but mentions the tough upbringing inspired him and his brother’s imagination to pick up a camera, with the rest being history.  
  2. “It’s not easy to be hated by the whole entire world.” This quote epitomises Paul. Since he entered the professional boxing world, he has created a me against the world persona, since the Ben Askren fight, many hoped he would lose every fight, and he has taken great joy in proving many people wrong throughout his boxing career.

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  1. “What I learned in the entertainment industry directly correlates to boxing because boxing is show business. But first and foremost, it’s a show.” Spending so much time in show business at an early age has clearly benefited the Problem Child as he ventured into professional boxing. Paul is adept at building a fight and selling a rivalry, as proven with his fight with Fury and the build-up to the Tyron Woodley first fight and in the run-up to the Ben Askren fight – there was no love lost.
  2. “Sometimes MMA fighters are even harder to fight than professional boxers because of their unorthodox   style. But for me, in the cards right now, I think it’s just doing big fights and increasing my skill level.” He has mostly fought ex-UFC fighters during his short career. However, his one contest against a boxer was his defeat against Fury. It appears from this quote – Paul is using the fights against MMA fighters as a learning curve to hone his boxing skills.
  3. “[The loss against Fury] made me reevaluate everything. Look at myself, my coaches, the people around me, everything. And I think that’s good to do in life. It was sort of a reset and this opportunity to look into the mirror, and I learned more about myself in the loss than I have in any of the wins.” It appears since the devastating loss to Fury, that Paul has had a reset in his career to propel himself onto the next level. He appears focused on defeating Diaz and proving he has bounced back after his sole defeat.

The life and boxing career of Paul has been one of ups and downs, but with the Problem Child training hard for the upcoming Diaz fight, it feels like there is plenty of fights left on the horizon for Paul. Big Fight Weekend also recently looked at 5 potential fights for Jake Paul after the Diaz contest.

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