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8 Knockout Mobile Boxing Games for Fans in 2023

Boxing mobile games 2023

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8 Knockout Mobile Boxing Games for Fans in 2023

8 Knockout Mobile Boxing Games for Fans in 2023

Perhaps while listening to a podcast or watching a big fight, boxing fans play boxing games. In the same way supporters of other sports transfer themselves to a virtual world and play with their favorite stars, fans of the fight game can play a variety of titles that are dedicated to the sport of boxing. On mobile, in particular, gaming is a more viable option for people who aren’t necessarily avid console and PC gamers. There are some solid boxing titles on mobile, too. 

Some games enable you to fight as your favorite heavyweight champions and take down an entire division, others provide an arcade feel with a more classic offering, while there also even products that are now accessible on mobile but previously used to be associated with console machines. Such in the sophistication of modern-day smartphones, they can now handle a diverse collection of mobile games with ease. It’s the boxing titles that we’re specifically focusing on today, though, with a number of knockout games rising to prominence on smartphone devices in 2023. Let’s take a look at just some of them below. 

8 Great Boxing Mobile Games for 2023

Boxing Star is an excellent release 

Easily one of the best options on mobile right now, Boxing Star is an arcade-style Queensberry Rules fighting title that has plenty of plus points. Not only is the game’s engaging storyline worth fighting for, but the player customization in this particular product adds another layer to this already impressive release. For a free game, Boxing Star is impressive, with the game’s mechanics particularly shining through on this one. If you haven’t sampled it already, download Boxing Star immediately. 

Real Boxing: KO Fight Club has it all 

The best thing about Real Boxing: KO Fight Club is that it can cater to most boxing gaming adventures. For example, if players want to work on boxing and punching mechanics, they can. Likewise, if an arcade-style match-up is your preference, then it’s on offer in this particular title also. Additionally, the game features tributes to boxing legends like Mike Tyson, and even the occasional multiplayer event that offers real prizes for the eventual winner. Overall, Real Boxing: KO Fight Club isn’t perfect, but the detail on offer in the game makes it an interesting title to explore.

The Rocky casino slot is very popular right now

Rocky mobile app game

Although downloadable products on both iOS and Android phones are generally the favored games, browser titles are also being sampled by mobile gamers these days, with online casinos particularly thriving. For boxing fans, the Rocky online casino slot is a great option, particularly if you’re a fan of the classic movies. In this particular game, the Italian Stallion is featured throughout as you aim to come out on top in a grueling 10-round fight. Also featuring the likes of Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed, the game has a number of bonus spin features, alongside a R-O-C-K-Y bonus that pays out a 5x multiplier, plus plenty more. Overall, this Rocky game is a fun product to session. 

World Boxing Challenge appeals to any aspiring trainers 

Some boxing fans pay closer attention to the training methods fighters employ ahead of many other aspects of a fighter’s overall package. If you find yourself being fascinated by the development of boxers, you’ll enjoy World Boxing Challenge. As well as being in charge of developing your own fighters, you’ll also be responsible for their training, putting them up against various opponents, and their activities in the gym. If a relationship with a fighter is becoming strained, you can even sell them off, too. Essentially, World Boxing Challenge is definitely worth downloading. 

Square Fists Boxing

Square Fists Boxing is an exciting mobile game that lets you step into the ring and experience the thrill of boxing. With realistic graphics and sound effects, you can choose from a variety of fighters and train them to become champions. The game offers multiple game modes, including career mode, multiplayer mode, and quick fights. You can customize your boxer’s appearance, skills, and attributes to create a unique fighter. The game’s intuitive controls make it easy to learn, but challenging to master. Square Fists Boxing is a must-play for boxing fans and mobile gamers alike.

Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is a mobile game that allows players to experience the intensity and excitement of boxing. The game features stunning 3D graphics, intuitive touch controls, and a variety of boxing techniques to master. Players can create their own custom boxer, train them to improve their skills, and compete in a variety of game modes, including career mode, quick fights, and tournaments. Punch Boxing 3D also features multiplayer mode, where players can challenge other boxers around the world. With its fast-paced action and realistic boxing mechanics, Punch Boxing 3D is a must-play for boxing fans and mobile gamers alike.

Head Boxing

Head Boxing is a unique and fun mobile game that combines boxing with fantasy elements. The game features cartoonish graphics and hilarious sound effects, making it a light-hearted and entertaining experience. Players can choose from a variety of quirky characters with their own unique fighting styles and special moves. Head Boxing offers different game modes, including story mode and multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete with other players around the world. With its easy-to-learn controls and engaging gameplay, Head Boxing is a great choice for mobile gamers looking for a fun and casual boxing experience.

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao is a mobile game that puts players in the shoes of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Manny Pacquiao. The game features realistic graphics, dynamic controls, and authentic boxing gameplay. Players can train their boxer, customize their appearance and gear, and compete in a variety of game modes, including career mode and multiplayer mode. Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao also features voiceovers by Manny Pacquiao himself, adding to the game’s realism. With its impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao is a must-play for boxing fans and mobile gamers alike.

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